LOCKDOWN 3 defined for Udaipur | Lockdown 3 = Lockdown 2 + Liquor Shops

LOCKDOWN 3 defined for Udaipur | Lockdown 3 = Lockdown 2 + Liquor Shops

Only liquor shops added to the list of permitted commercial / social activities in Lockdown 3. Vehicular movement allowed between 7am till 7pm
LOCKDOWN 3 defined for Udaipur | Lockdown 3 = Lockdown 2 + Liquor Shops

Business and establishments in Rural areas will be allowed to operate

Strict compliance and penalties for non compliance to relaxation norms

No additional activities or businesses will be allowed to operate in Lockdown 3.  All those businesses, shops, commercial and social activities, which were permitted between 20 April till 3 May will be allowed to operate in the urban areas of the city.  This has been mandated in the orders issued by the District Magistrate, Udaipur office on 3 May 2020.

The only addition to permitted activities in Lockdown 3 that is applicable between 4 May till 17 May is that of Liquor shops, which will be allowed to open with restricted counter management. No more than 5 people will be permitted at the counter at any point in time. Social distancing norms will have to be followed.

An additional relief measure in Lockdown 3 is that the movement of vehicles will be permitted without a pass.  A two wheeler can carry a pillion rider, whereas only two additional people will be allowed to travel with the driver in a 4 wheeler.  Any vehicle found to be flouring these rules will dealt with strictly.  Vehicular movement will be permitted only between 7AM till 7PM. All non-essential outdoor movement will be restricted between 7PM till 7AM.

As per instructions given by the Superintendent of Police Kailash Bishnoi, all disallowed movement or flouting any of the earlier norms will be dealt with strictly and without any leverage.  He reiterated the DM Order, saying that ONLY Liquor Shops have been added to the list of activities permitted in Urban areas.

Vehicular movement

  • 2 wheelers: Driver and one pillion rider
  • 4 wheelers: Driver plus two passengers
  • Public taxis (including Ola and Uber) will not be permitted. Public busses will not be allowed to operate.

Shops and commercial activities

Only those shops and commercial activities that were permitted in the order dated 15 April, for applicability between 20 April till 3 May, will continue to hold till 17 May.  No additional shops or commercial units will be allowed to operate till 17 May. Permitted shops and commercial establishments will have to adhere to regulations and social distancing norms, and those found flouting the norms will be fined heavily.  Barber shops, spa and saloons will also not operate.

All shops and commercial establishments in rural areas will be allowed to operate regularly from 4 May.

Industrial activties

All units operating in industrial areas, SEZs, EOUs and packaging units will be allowed to operate with the given restrictions (mentioned below)  RIICO and private units in these areas will be allowed to operate in Urban areas.

All industrial activities will be allowed to function in rural areas.

Construction activities

All construction activity that was permitted in Lockdown 2, will be allowed to continue as it is.  No additional construciton activities will be allowed.  All those found flouting the norms will be dealt with accordingly.

All kinds of construction activity will be permitted in rural areas.

Offices and commercial establishments

All state government and local governance offices will be open from 4 May onwards. These will operate as per the orders of 15 April 2020.  All central government offices will operate as per the instructions given on 1 May.

All Private establishments, offices and commercial establishments will be allowed to function with 33% task force. The remaining work force will have to work from home.  Vehicular movement will be as per the directives mentioned above.

SP Bishnoi reiterated that with 6 Police Zones in the District under curfew, and with infection spreading, residents should support the lockdown efforts by staying indoors.  Curfew is in place in Udaipur district in Sukher, Pratapnagar, Hiran Magri, Savina, Salumber and Mavli.


Prohibitions under Section 144

  • Unless specified explicitly, no more than 5 persons can gather at the same public place.
  • Non-essential outdoor movement between 7pm till 7am prohibited. Passes can be obtained from nearest police station for emergency situations. This clause is not applicable for those holding ID cards and in essential services
  • All shops, offices, workshops and factories that have been allowed to operate in Lockdown 3, will need to close by 6pm so that the staff can reach home by 7pm.

General Prohibited activities / services

  • All Domestic / International Air Travel with the exception of medicine services, air ambulances and security services and any other services allowed by the Home Department.
  • All travel through rail, except for approved services.
  • All interstate travel by road and public transport, except for purposes approved by the home department.
  • Metro services
  • Movement of individuals across state borders other than those with permission from the government or home department.
  • Schools, Colleges, Educational, Technical and Coaching institutions will be closed. Online learning and tuitions will however be permitted.
  • Hospitality services (hotels, inns, resorts) except those being used to house stranded tourists, quarantine individuals, government employees, police personnel and health workers
  • Cinemas, sports complexes, malls, shopping complexes, gyms, swimming pools, entertainment parks, theatres, Bars, Auditoriums, assembly halls and public places of such nature will be closed.
  • All religious, political, social, sports, entertainment, educational, cultural programs are disallowed.
  • OPD Services, Clinics, and satellite hospital services will be allowed in Containment and Curfew areas after necessary approvals, subject to maintaining Social Distancing norms and guidelines.


For Public Spaces:

  • People above the age of 65 years, children below the age of 10, disabled persons and pregnant women are advised to stay at home unless going out becomes a necessity. In such cases, the police and administration will show leniency towards them.
  • Face Mask is compulsory at all public places and on the road.
  • Shopkeepers are instructed NOT to entertain anyone who is not sporting a face mask.
  • Social distancing (distance of at least 6ft) is compulsory at all places at all times.
  • No one will be permitted to allow more than 5 persons to get together at any place at any point.
  • Marriage events will not be allowed to entertain more than 50 persons.
  • Not more than 20 people will be permitted to attend funerals
  • Spitting at public places is prohibited and will be a punishable offence.
  • Sale of Pan and Tobacco products is prohibited.
  • Social distancing norms at Liquor outlets is mandatory – not more than 5 persons at a time.
  • Consumption of liquor at public places is prohibited.

 For Work Spaces:

  • Usage of Face masks is mandatory at all offices, shops and outlets.
  • Social distancing norms to be followed in offices, shops, factories and in company transport.
  • Social distancing norms to be followed during lunch breaks and shift changes.
  • All entry and exit points to offices and plants to have thermal scanning units, handwash and sanitizers. Offices should ensure ample supply of sanitizers.
  • Regular sanitization of public areas in a work place and surfaces that are regularly touched.
  • Installation and use of Aarogya Setu App. Owner of business will be responsible to ensure that each employee is using the app.
  • Training on Hygiene at all places of work

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