Udaipur Administration to Adopt Technology for Queue Management on Voting Day

Udaipur Administration to Adopt Technology for Queue Management on Voting Day

Voters will be able to see the crowd situation at polling stations in the Urban areas across Udaipur through this application

Udaipur Election Voting in Udaipur Queue Management in Udaipur Lok Sabha Elections
Instructions disseminated through a VC by the CEO, Election Commission, Rajasthan

In interesting development, the Election Commission in Rajasthan is attempting to derive maximum voter turnout through the use of technology.

The voting for the Lok Sabha Elections, will take place on 26 April in Udaipur, which will be the second phase of voting. In order to provide convenience to voters and in order to ensure that maximum turnout takes place, a pilot project will be in place at Udaipur on 26 April.  Through this project, which will involve a software application link, voters across the urban areas of Udaipur will be able to see the crowd situation at polling stations to decided the time of their visit for casting their votes.  The availabllity of such an application will mitigate the risk of voters turning away from polling stations seeing long lines.

Chief Electoral Officer of the State Election Commission, Rajasthan, Praveen Gupta, took a consolidated meeting through video conferencing at the DoIT in the Collectorate at Udaipur, where this application and the pilot project in Udaipur were discussed.  the time as per their convenience for voting so that they do not have to face unnecessary crowd. . Through this facility, valuable time of voters will also be saved. Necessary guidelines for queue management at polling stations on the day of polling were also disseminated to the concerned District Election Officers across Rajasthan.

The Udaipur District Election Officer and Collector Arvind Kumar Poswal, Deputy District Election Officer and ADM Administration Deependra Singh Rathod, ADM City Rajiv Dwivedi, Zilla Parishad CEO Kirti Rathod, Municipal Corporation Commissioner Ram Prakash, SDM Girwa Riya Dabi etc. were present in the VC.

Arvind Poswal said that under the pilot project for queue management on the day of polling in urban areas, voters will be able to see the crowd situation at their polling station through an application link. The crowd at each polling station will be monitored by the BLO, who will update the software in 15 minute intervals, which can be seen by the general public on their phone through this application link.

Poswal said that the departments SVEEP (Systematic Voters' Education & Electoral Participation) team will play an important role in the promotion of this concept and link. Through this application, queue management at the polling station during voting will be done in a planned manner. He added that this application software has been developed in Jodhpur, which will be used during the voting to be held on 26 April. For this, training will also be given to the concerned BLOs and a dedicated team will be ready for data entry at polling stations in the urban areas.

He said that voters of about 300 polling stations in the urban areas of Udaipur city will get the benefit of this facility. Voters will get real time information about polling booth status and will also be able to get information about queues at polling stations. The District Election Officer appealed to all the urban voters to use this facility on the polling day of 26 April and also asked the officials to publicize it as much as possible so that more and more voters in the urban areas can avail this facility.

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