MB hospital to be equipped with Korean Hi-Tech X-Ray machine

MB hospital to be equipped with Korean Hi-Tech X-Ray machine

MB hospital, Udaipur, will son have a Korean Hi-tech X-ray machine.

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MB hospital to be equipped with Korean Hi-Tech X-Ray machine

Maharana Bhupal hospital will soon have a hi-tech machine from Korea through which more than a hundres x-rays can be done in less than one and a half hour.Hi-tech Digital Radiography machine worth 1 crore rupees will provide X-rays reports within a minute. Earlier X-ray reports took almost 30 minutes. Dr. Vinay Joshi said that functioning of this machine is similar to mobile photography. It can take X-rays of 10 various depths within no time. For installing this machine, a radiation protection X-ray room worth 10 lakh rupees is being prepared in Trauma centre. The machine will be placed between glass panels in such a way that the patient and the radiation worker do not get affected by the negative rays. Around 2500 patients from Udaipur and nearby regions can benefit from the X-ray machine. As of now, the machine has been placed outside trauma centre and it is likely to start from next week.

Around 2500 X-rays are done with Computed radiology and other machines. Each X-ray takes around 15 minutes. But with the digital radiography machine, less than a minute will be required for X-ray. The patients as well as doctors can heave a sigh of relief since the time consumed in taking an X-ray and generating report will be cut down to a gross extent.

Radiation machines and their negative effects

Dr. Narendra Rathore of cancer department said that the radiation of X-ray machines may cause some harm or damage to the body parts or tissues. These could be malignant. There are 2 kinds of radiations: Deterministic and Non-deterministic. In a deterministic radiation, more the radiation less the effect. But in a non-deterministic radiation, even a minor radiation can be fatal. This is the reason for having a machine with less radiation so that neither the patient nor the doctor suffers the effects.

Every day more than 5000 X-rays are done. The city has more than 100 X-ray centres. MB hospital itself does around 2500 X-rays every day.

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