Land given to Mewar Sugar Mills has been re-acquired by the government

Land given to Mewar Sugar Mills has been re-acquired by the government

The controversy regarding the land is around 50 years old and the mills have not been operational for quite some time now.
Land given to Mewar Sugar Mills has been re-acquired by the government

-The land acquired by Mewar Sugar Mills, Bhupalsagar, is worth 100 crores.

-The government's objective behind the mill remains unfulfilled as the mill is lying closed since years.

Land measuring 4,228 biswa alloted to Mewar Sugar Mills in Bhupalsagar is now to be handed over to the government. The land has been declared as un-named (bilanaam) property and every piece of land that was occupied in Udaipur and Chittor area by Mewar Sugar Mills will be handed over to the government within a month and the encroachments will have to be removed within 3 months’ time. As per directives issued on Tuesday, the relevant officials must present a report with respect to the above.

The controversy regarding the land worth Rs 100 crores is nearly 50 years old. The sugar mill is not operational since years. The appeal made before the court in this regard states that the land was given to Mewar Sugar Mills by Rajasthan government with the objective of sugar production and also providing employment to the residents in Bhupalsagar. Considering these objectives, it was imperative that the mill should have operated on regular basis.

The state government also allotted land for sugarcane cultivation but since the mill is closed since a long time, the objective of the state government is unfulfilled. Mewar Sugar Mills has land more than the ceiling area which needs to be re-acquired.  

Every land is registered in government records which means that the government is the initial owner of the land. When a particular piece of land is sold or given to someone, the name of the acquiring party is recorded and then it becomes a separate account. When a property is declared unnamed or without any owner, it becomes government property. ADM Court stated on Tuesday that any property which is registered in the name of Mewar Sugar Mills but not declared, will be covered under the directives and taken over by the government.

The land under Mewar Sugar Mills that was sold illegally to the farmers will also be acquired by the government. It was also stated that keeping the welfare of the buyers in mind, the unregistered buyers are empowered to receive the sale price from the seller. 

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