Mock fire drill in Celebration Mall

Mock fire drill in Celebration Mall

Mock fire drill in Celebration mall.

Mock fire drill in Celebration Mall

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A mock fire drill was conducted in Celebration Mall on Tuesday. The aim behind this drill was mainly to check the efficiency of internal security system.

The mock drill brought the loop holes in security system. Ambulance took around an hour to reach the mall. As informed by ASP City, someone called up the police control to give information about fire in the mall. The call was received by the control room at 4 p.m. Based on this call, information was circulated amongst all relief services to reach the site immediately.

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Police and relevant administrative officers reached the mall in less than half an hour. One fire brigade vehicle reached within 10 minutes. The others took 20 minutes to reach the affected area. The biggest issue was that ambulance took almost an hour to reach the mall. Everyone was directed to take immediate action to take the situation in control.

Public present in the mall were in for a shock when they saw police and fire brigade vehicles rushing into the mall. Later to everyone’s relief, it was clarified that it was a mock fire drill.

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