Motor Vehicle Driving Regulation 2017

Motor Vehicle Driving Regulation 2017

40 new rules have been introduced under Motor vehicle regulation 2017.

Motor Vehicle Driving Regulation 2017

Motor vehicle driving regulation 2017 has introduced 40 new rules which have to be followed throughout the country.

As per new rules enforced under Motor vehicle driving regulation 2017, Road Transport Highway Ministry has declared 40 rules regarding usage of vehicles, duties of driver and passenger, rights of pedestrians, allowing 2 wheelers to move forward in lane and some more others. The rules are common for all states throughout the country.

State Technical Consultant (Road Safety and Enforcement) Virendra Singh Rathore said that as per new rules and regulations, if the number plate of a vehicle is not visible it cannot be parked at any public place. The numbers must be completely visible, unclear and dirty number plates with numbers covered with mud or dirt cannot be parked at public place.

Maximum speed of a vehicle in city limits is now fixed at 40 km/hr. If a two-wheeler goes out of order, it cannot be towed by other vehicle. Two wheelers must be given space between 3 or 4 wheelers on the road. Anyone not abiding by these rules will be liable to pay penalty or even be sent behind bars.

Tractor drivers are not to allow any other person on their tractor. Heavy transport vehicle drivers are also under strict regulations as per which they cannot allow more people in the cabin than what is prescribed on the registration certificate of the vehicle.

Pedestrians have to be given priority. For any uncontrolled pedestrian crossing, it is important that the vehicles slow down and stop to allow pedestrians and other physically disabled to cross the road with ease and safety with wheel chairs or other carts for the disabled.

If any 4 wheeler goes out of order and needs to be towed, then the towing vehicle speed cannot be more than 25 km/hr. The distance between the towing vehicle and the towed must not be more than 5 metres. The rope or chain pulling the vehicle must be clearly visible. While towing, both vehicles must have their emergency lights on.

Any fog light can be used only when visibility on the road is extremely affected by fog, dust, storm, rain or snow.

These are just a few of the rules. Many more rules have been finalised to bring about safety on road.

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