New Mayor of Udaipur - Govind Singh Tak

New Mayor of Udaipur - Govind Singh Tak

Govind Singh Tak is the new Mayor of Udaipur  wins 46-20
New Mayor of Udaipur - Govind Singh Tak

Govind Singh Tak gets 46 votes out of 70

Arun Tak gets 20 votes out of 70

After a just equation in the Udaipur Municipal elections, BJP candidate Govind Singh Tak has been elected to the seat of Mayor of the Udaipur Municipal Corporation, today after the voting took place for the coveted post.

Govind Singh Tak received 46 votes, which was 2 votes in excess of the number of seats that the BJP won in the UMC elections, the results for which were declared on 19 November.  Congress candidate for the seat of Mayor, Arun Tak, received 20 votes, which is equal to the number of seats that the Congress won in the said election.  3 of the winning candidates did not cast their vote and one selected NOTA.

The votes for the election of Mayor were cast at 10am today.  First the set of BJP candidates cast their vote.  They came in a bus from an undisclosed location, where they had been kept from 19 November till today, to mitigate the risks of horse trading.  Congress candidates then cast their votes.  The candidates have returned to their respective locations.

Voting for the post of Deputy Mayor will take place tomorrow.  It is anticipated that BJP, being the party with a higher number of seats, will have its candidate elected as Mayor.  However, there seems to be deliberation on the names of candidates who will be selected for this post.

4 time Concilor from BJP, Paras Singhvi is a favorable contendor for the post, while Tara Chand Jain, who has managed plenty of responsibilities for the BJP city unit in the past is being taken as a worthy contendor.

Earlier, BJP won 44 seats out of the 70 Wards in Udaipur, as compared to its heavy weight win of 49 out of 55 wards in 2014.  The BJP has been a substantial drop in its favorite city, ruled by BJP heavy weight Gulab Chand Kataria.

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