New toy train coming soon in Gulab Bagh

New toy train coming soon in Gulab Bagh

A new toy train is soon to replace the old train in Gulab bagh.

New toy train coming soon in Gulab Bagh

A new toy train is soon to replace the old train in Gulab bagh. The 46 year old train will see its farewell soon. Children will love the new look of the train. Even tourists are going to enjoy their trips to Gulab Bagh once the new toy train starts operating.

Gulab Bagh is getting prepared to bid farewell to its 46 year old toy train. Following Ahmedabad’s footsteps, a toy train will be the centre of attraction for children. Plan for new toy train was approved on Monday. By the end of October, a new train track will be built. In a week’s time after deciding rules and regulations, tenders will be made open in the next two months. Tenders will be based on BOT(build, operate and transfer).

The new train will have four cabins. Each cabin will have a seating capacity of 21 passengers accommodating 84 in all. Mayor Chandra Singh Kothari said that the old train has a lot of discrepancies; hence it cannot be operated any more. A new train will replace this 46 year old train. Garage AEN Babulal Chauhan informed that the train will be surrendered to municipal corporation in working condition after 15 years. Next year the new toy train will prove to be a gift for the public.


The 3 kilometre long track will have RCC slabs. The track width would be 2.5feet. 2 mini platforms will be made. The train’s brake system would comprise of modern hydraulic systems. It will have latest 1993 CC engine. In the off season, the toy train will have 3 cabins. During tourist season and festivals, one cabin would be added.

One of the 2 mini platforms will be made in front of Garden hotel and the other at Lotus pond(Kamal Talai). The train is scheduled to stop at the platforms for 3 minutes each. There will be a food court at Kamal Talai.

The old train has had many accidents. It was started in 1971 with just 2 cabins which have been operating for 46 years now. The operation of the train had come to a halt since it met with 5 accidents. The toy train is designed like a steam engine in red and orange colours.


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