No panic for Udaipur | Anandi presents positive picture for Udaipur, Maha Curfew is a rumour says SP

No panic for Udaipur | Anandi presents positive picture for Udaipur, Maha Curfew is a rumour says SP

Rigorous testing in the walled city has resulted in a surge of positive cases. Discpline in Udaipur has been exemplary
No panic for Udaipur | Anandi presents positive picture for Udaipur, Maha Curfew is a rumour says SP
  • 99% cases are asymptomatic
  • 90% hotspot are restricted to 500 meter radius in walled city
‘We have to ensure that home quarantine / institutional quarantine is followed by people who come from outside to Udaipur. Social distancing discipline followed by Udaipur has been the reason for limited spread”Anandi, District Collector

Addressing a joint press conference along with the Superintendent of Police Kailash Bishnoi and CMHO Dr Dinesh Kharade, the district Collector Anandi presented a pacifying picture for Udaipur.

Laying the general fears of the public at rest, Anandi said that the sudden surge of cases in Udaipur are an after affect of the rigorous testing being done in the walled city area, where no chances are being taken after the maximum cases came out from Kanji ka Haata and Helawadi, which fall under the Surajpol / Dhanmandi police station areas. 90% of the cases are from these areas.  More testing will result in more positive cases.  Circular sampling is being adopted.  Testing in Jagdish Chowk area has resulted in no positive cases.

Anandi, in her briefing said that 99% of the positive cases are asymptomatic. This means that most of them will recover in the next 4-5 days.  Answering queries on the recoveries, she said that since it was obvious that the burst of cases in the city was sudden, recoveries will also be in batches. Hence, all that we are seeing now in terms of statistics is additions to positive cases and not recoveries.

She added that the disciplined approach of the residents of Udaipur in maintaining social distancing as well as following the orders of the administration in spirit, was a reason that the number of cases in Udaipur have managed to stay under control. Udaipur would have reached 3000 instead of 300 cases.

Collector Anandi added that Udaipur administration is ready for a marathon of testing and sampling. People will come into Udaipur and those infected will be treated.  This will continue for some time till the positive cases are taken care of. 

Containment and Curfew details – SP Kailash Bishnoi

Udaipur SP Kailash Bishnoi confirmed that the news of Maha Curfew in Udaipur is baseless and need to be treated as an ill conceived rumour.  He reiterated that no activity will be permitted in curfew areas and lockdown 2 norms will be applicable in the rest of Udaipur.

He said that two police stations areas, viz. Dhanmandi and Ghantaghar areas are completely under curfew, while 50% of the Surajpol Police Station areas is under curfew.  Curfew in the rest of Udaipur has been implemented in hotspot pockets.

SP Kailash Bishnoi also added that moving on, the situation in the curfew zones will be re-assessed and there might be relaxations on a case to case basis.

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