Power cut agitates public-Bad start to a festive season

Power cut agitates public-Bad start to a festive season

Long power cuts are disrupting city's life.

Power cut agitates public-Bad start to a festive season

Power cut during festive season has agitated everyone. Not only is it interfering with business but is also a trouble for general house hold.

Long power cuts for 3 hours and 8 hours in some parts of the city are causing havoc with people’s senses. This festive season when public wants to finish off routine work on time to those going to work, power cuts for long hours have caused irritation. Businesses are suffering, labour is sitting idle for hours and homemakers are not able to carry out their daily routine comfortably.

Power cut as early as 9 a.m. is leaving houses with empty water tanks. Drinking water shortage early morning, absence of utility water are the biggest problems faced during this phase of power cut. Business houses are unable to process the demand and supply on time. People preparing for the festive season are facing trouble with work that needs power supply.

Power cut agitates public-Bad start to a festive season

Some areas have been fixed under a time slab of 9 a.m. to 12 noon, whereas some are under the slab of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Whether it is for 3 hours or 8, lack of power supply has disturbed life to a great extent. Small industries which supply products for the festive season are under the fear of losing business. Agriculture is also suffering a lot. Not everything can be run on generators or inverters.

Educational institutions are facing trouble with lessons based on experiments. Projectors used for smart classes or the machines that need electric supply to show educational materials to students on screen cannot be operated. As a result, even the students are at a loss because of power cut.

Basically all kinds of work schedules are suffering due to power cut. Be it home or office or any other work place…without power supply each one is at a loss. Most of the tasks are performed during morning hours but each is in trouble now.

The slab of cut needs to be revised or called off since it will disrupt life beyond imagination. More so… if the fun of festival of Diwali which is the festival of lights goes more than half in dark…what fun it would be? This year power cut is likely to create the worst Diwali for all.

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