Pratapnagar fly-over work restarted

Pratapnagar fly-over work restarted

Since the roads are almost empty, maintenance work has also begun.
Pratapnagar fly-over work restarted
The modified lockdown facility is being availed to complete the necessary construction and repair and maintenance work. 

The modified lockdown facility is being availed by UIT and Municipal Corporation to carry on with the unfinished tasks of fly-over and repair and maintenance of roads. UIT has commenced the work of flyover at Pratapnagar choraha and Municipal Corporation is taking care of road repair work. The lockdown has made it somewhat easy for these kind of tasks as there is no traffic or very less traffic on the roads and work can be carried out smoothly.

Since the company in contract for the flyover had enough resources available like material and labour both, the work began on Tuesday morning. Social distancing and the required norms are being followed. It may be noted that UIT had begun the flyover work from Bhuwana to Eklingpura. The work has attracted a budget of 18.52 crores. The flyover is 450 metres long and 15.7 metres wide. The construction had begun in April 2019 and 75 percent of the work was over. It had to be stopped this year because of the lockdown following covid19 emergencies.

On the other hand, Mayor Tank has also issued directives for the repair work of the roads under which patch work commenced on Tuesday. The initial work started from Court Circle and once this work is complete all other chorahas will be repaired. 

A meeting will be held everyday in UIT regarding the lay-out plan. The lay-out committee will discuss all the pending works and will complete everything step by step. As of now 50 cases are pending and will be taken care of at the earliest.

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