Prime Minister Modi says “Khammaghani”

Prime Minister Modi says “Khammaghani”

Prime Minister Modi visited Udaipur on 29th August.

Prime Minister Modi says “Khammaghani”

Prime Minister Modi began his addressal with “Khammaghani”. PM Modi reached Udaipur airport by 1235 p.m. Reaching Udaipur, he paid his respect to the land of valour and courage by touching Mewari soil and saying “Khammaghani”.  The moment he said “महाराणा प्रताप री धरती, पन्नाधाय और पातळ अर पीथल री धरती को नमन” a loud applause could be heard. Public of Udaipur loved PM Modi’s style of respect for the land of Mewar.

PM Modi while addressing people in Maharana Pratap Khel gaon laid the foundation of various works worth 15 thousand crore rupees towards development of Rajasthan. He said that this will be the step towards face lift for Rajasthan. Laying emphasis on the importance of infrastructure in the development of any nation, PM Modi said that this is a tedious task and requires a lot of investment. He said that this is the only reason why many political leaders were shunning away from their responsibilities. PM Modi also said that he is a man of responsibilities. “I have the habit of accepting challenges. We will work together and bring modernisation in our country.” Talking about infrastructure, he said that the black road that we see is not just a road; it is the path towards light. He mentioned Atal Bihari Vajpayee and said that he worked towards the development of the nation. He also said that road network plays an important role in increasing the economy of a nation. If the means of transport are good, they show better effects on a person’s health.

The other important points said by PM Modi :

  • Rajasthan has unending possibilities in the line of tourism. The magnetism of Rajasthan pulls in tourists. Good roads will increase the graph of tourism in Rajasthan. Everybody will be able to earn freely, even a tea vendor.
  • GST turned the thought pattern of people in no time. Now GST will also be applied in villages. Transport has also benefitted through GST. He also said that transport rules also need to be changed.
  • PM Modi said words of praise for Ujjawala project through which women benefitted a lot.
  • He also spoke in favour of farmers and expressed his gratitude towards Rajasthan.

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