Rave party in a farm house-11 arrested

Rave party in a farm house-11 arrested

Police raided a farm house where a rave party was going on.

Rave party in a farm house-11 arrested

In another rave party in a farm house, Sukher police have arrested 11 people. More than 25 others managed to escape.

Sukher police arrested 8 Gujarati men and 3 women from a farm house in Dangiyon ka Guda around 2 a.m. last night. There was a rave party going on in the farm house when police raided the place. The 3 women are reportedly from Mumbai and Pune. There were more than 25 others who jumped over the wall and escaped. All the arrested people had come for the purpose of darshan in Nathdwara.

As per DYSP Madhuri Verma, alcohol was being served when police raided the farm house. All of the people present in the farm house were heavily intoxicated. Sudden arrival of police caused a panic among the people and some of them managed to escape. Liquor and other stuff have been recovered from the farm house. Police have also taken some cars into their custody. All these cars have Gujarat registration. Police is on a search-out for the rest of the members who escaped from site. Since there were not enough policemen in the team, some of the people including women could manage to escape by jumping over the 5 feet high wall. There is a forest behind the farm house which proved to be a great escape point for the people in the rave party.

Rave party in a farm house-11 arrested

The people arrested from the farm house are Sanjay s/o Narsingh Bhai Patel, Vijay s/o Kantilal Patel  from Rajkot, Praffull s/o Shantilal Patel(Rajkot), Rajesh s/o Devraj Patel(Morvi), Nilesh s/o Ramji Patel, Ramesh s/o Purushottam Patel, Rajendra s/o Vasal Bhai Patel and Pravin s/o Amar Singh Patel.

Mobiles and cash from these people have been seized by the police. Police action carried on even after 3 a.m. All the rooms of the farm house were carefully checked by the police.

Rave party in a farm house-11 arrested

Cases of rave parties and gambling are very common in hotels situated on Gujarat- Rajasthan border. Police made a number of arrests even last month in a case of gambling in one of the hotels. More than 48 lakh rupees in cash and a deal of 1 crore was recovered by the police. Hotel owners reportedly take a huge amount of cash as compensation for organising such rave parties.

As per DYSP Madhuri Verma, police have received such information a number of times before. This time the information came from authentic sources as a result of which the raid was carried out.

Source : News18.com

Images : bhaskarnews

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