Ruchita murder case-Divya is not mentally unstable

Ruchita murder case-Divya is not mentally unstable

Divya Kothari is not mentally unstable.

Ruchita murder case-Divya is not mentally unstable

The most talked about Ruchita murder case hearing was done in Chittorgarh District and Session court today. Ruchita Jain, lawyer and w/o K V Gupta, was brutally murdered by Divya Kothari, resident of Orbit complex in New Bhupalpura where the deceased also lived.

Ruchita murder case became the most talked about incident in town. In a hearing on Thursday in Chittorgarh, prosecution said that Divya Kothari(accused in this case) is not mentally unstable. Prosecution did not agree with the documents presented in the court regarding Divya Kothari’s mental condition and state of depression. Court has given another date for hearing in this matter. Divya did not appear before the court. His lawyer attended the hearing.

It may be noted that Divya Kothari’s father Arvind Kothari had appealed to the court that Divya is mentally disturbed and is being treated for the same since last 10 months. Police had also mentioned his mental condition before media. During investigations, police had taken the relevant documents of Divya’s treatment but had not presented the papers with charge-sheet to deprive him of legal benefits. This has been proved by the certified copy of charge sheet.

As per father Arvind Kothari, Divya had been taken to Mental disease department 6 to 7 times for treatment while in judicial custody. He said that police refused to have Divya treated for his mental condition. As per the present mental state of Divya Kothari, his father has appealed to allow treatment for mental disorder for his son.

It may also be noted that lawyers in Udaipur had refused to take up Divya Kothari’s case as a protest against the murder of their fellow lawyer. Udaipur Bar resisted against pleading for Divya Kothari. Divya Kothari passed school exams with flying colours. The lawyers unanimously said that it is not possible for a mentally unfit person to score good marks and Divya was also studying for chartered accountancy.

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