Seat belt, helmet and no parking-Teams get into action

Seat belt, helmet and no parking-Teams get into action

Follow traffic rules properly. Police and traffic teams get into action.

Seat belt, helmet and no parking-Teams get into action

Police teams and Traffic inspectors got into action on Monday. It may be noted that the route from Durga Nursery road to Kumharon ka Bhatta has been declared as ideal traffic route following which police and traffic teams checked and issued instructions to a number of vehicle drivers regarding traffic rules.

Starting from Lake City mall to Kumharon ka Bhatta, both the points had police teams and traffic inspectors guiding people about road safety rules. Actions were also taken against people not wearing helmets while driving two-wheelers and for no seat belt used while driving 4-wheelers. Around 50 challans were issued and 15 cars and 50 bikes were towed away from no-parking zones. The teams also guided people into following road safety rules along with the importance of following other traffic rules. It may also be noted that this route was declared as ideal traffic route by SP on 28th June.

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The teams began their work from 8 a.m. at both ends. Parents of minors were also intimated when found breaking traffic rules. People were stopped and made to wear safety belts and helmets. Those with more than one pillion rider were also warned of the repercussions.

The road safety rules that need to be followed are:

Helmets for 2 wheelers, not more than 1 pillion rider, mobiles not to be used while driving, not to drive without license plate, follow rules for number plate, speed limit not to be exceeded, no black films to be used for 4-wheelers, minors should not drive vehicles, relevant driving documents to be carried and vehicles to be parked at parking area only.

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