Road and Sewage Works Mismanagement continue to be the Woes for Residents of Udaipur

Road and Sewage Works Mismanagement continue to be the Woes for Residents of Udaipur

Entry road to Technocrat Society was dug up for sewage work more than 15 days ago, and the pit is left open, causing potential risk of accident....
Technocrat Society, Smart City Udaipur, Udaipur Development Authority, Udaipur Municipal Corporation

A large pit has been dug at the entry road to Technocrat Society on Bedla Road in Udaipur. This pit was a part of the sewage works by the UDA/UMC under the Smart City bouquet of services. This pit, which was dug nearly 15 days ago, has completely eliminated safe access to this road which enters the Technocrat Society, causing obvious discomfort to the people who live there and those who go their for their trade.

Residents of Technocrat Society have shared this concern with UdaipurTimes. For the last 15 days since this pit was dug to facilitate a new sewage line, no additional work has been done since the pit was dug. As a result, sewage from near by houses is collecting in this pit and has formed a swamp.

One of the residents connected with Kanhaiya Lal Dangi, the Engineer in-charge at Udaipur Development Authority and after speaking to the contractor, assured that the work will begin immediately, as the labour had gone to attend marriages and then the suction pump was not available, hence the delay. Its been more than 48 hrs since the conversation, and our correspondent spoke to Kanhaiya Lal at UDA. He was told that the work has begun. Apparently, at the time of publishing this news, we were informed that a JCB was seen in the area and that it had dumped some soil on the pit peripheri to block the flow of sewage.

Ideally the work should have been comleted within a week of beginning the task. Howeve, the team vanished a day after the pit was dug, leaving it open and making the passersby susceptible to accident both fatal and otherwise.

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