Soil from lake bed to be given to farmers for crops

Soil from lake bed to be given to farmers for crops

Lake bed soil is good for the fertility of crops.

Soil from lake bed to be given to farmers for crops

Soil in the lake bed is to be used for crops. Since the water level in the lakes has gone down, the lake bed is easily visible. The soil of the lake beds is good for the fertility of crops; hence it will be given to the farmers who can use this soil for the fields. It may be noted that the soil will not be used for any commercial purpose.

District Collector Anandi held a meeting on Friday with Municipal Corporation, UIT and Water Resource Department. It was decided that government will use their machines to dig out the soil and no private company will be involved in this. The soil will be distributed among the farmers who would use it only for crops and this will be mentioned in agreement which will have to be signed by the farmers. As per the agreement, the farmers are to use the soil for crop purpose only.

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The depth of digging would be monitored by the Water Resource Department. A few days back, the representatives of the Lake Development Authority had mentioned in their letter addressing the Collector that since the lakes are going dry, this is the right time for digging out soil which can be used for farming. The opinion of the representatives was taken in consideration and the decision was finalised by the Collector.

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