Third eye surveillance-Smart Udaipur Police

Third eye surveillance-Smart Udaipur Police

Police helmets will have mini cameras for surveillance during unrest in city.

Third eye surveillance-Smart Udaipur Police

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Smart city needs smart police. This is where technology comes to help.With growing crimes and riotous situations, Rajasthan police is soon going to be equipped with cameras which will record everything that goes unnoticed by human eye.

As per information received from police headquarters, Rajasthan police will now have helmets equipped with mini cameras. In situations of riots or unrest, aggressive protests or showdowns; cameras in police helmets will record every minute movement which is likely to go unnoticed by police controlling such situations. As described, camera footage can be checked after maintaining peace and order and culprits responsible for such disturbances can be arrested.

Police officials mentioned that mob goes haywire during riots or protests. People get injured during lathi-charge and stone pelting is common in these situations. This third-eye surveillance helmets with mini cameras will record every move of such situations and it will be easy for the police to arrest culprits who will not get a chance to feel lucky to escape law anymore.

Rajasthan police is following the footsteps of police forces in foreign nations and making all possible arrangements for providing hi-tech gadgets in the course of upgrading their teams. Arrangements are also being made to strengthen police station buildings and most of the information is being provided online. Police stations in the region have already been provided with cameras and drone facilities.

Emphasis is also being laid on the fact that all accident prone areas must be marked and relevant steps must be taken to control road accidents. Folding stretchers with medical kits have been provided to deal with accidental emergencies. These stretchers will be available in police vehicles so that victims during accidents can be immediately rushed to hospital without waiting for ambulance. Boards are to be installed in police stations with proper and detailed information made easy for the people who cannot afford to be equipped with online systems.

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