Tourism and traffic jam in Lake city

Tourism and traffic jam in Lake city

Traffic jams cause trouble but Udaipur tourism is seeing good days.

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Tourism and traffic jam in Lake city

Udaipur city is certainly a favourite destination for tourists. Udaipur Tourism is witnessing a good season this year.

Tourism has taken a good turn in 2017. With the advent of monsoon, Rain tourism saw a hike in the number of tourists. Almost all hotels were booked in advance even  for the winter season .

This year, tourism industry is enjoying. No one has the time to breathe and is busy entertaining both foreign and domestic clients. A number of Gujarati tourists can be seen around ever since monsoons began. Sajjangarh fort, Saheliyon ki Bari, Fatehsagar Lake, Dudh Talai, Sukhadia Circle, Gangaur Ghat…just every other tourist spot is loaded with people enjoying the beauty of the city. Foreign tourists are enjoying the changing weather.

A few days with hot afternoons were beyond expectations since winter sets in with Diwali festival. Tourists were surprised with the heat during the day but pleasant evenings gave a feeling of contentment.

Traffic jams

Apart from this, the only point of trouble in the city is that of traffic. Traffic jams are a common sight at Saheliyon ki Bari road, Fatehsagar Lake and the road that goes up to Sajjangarh. Police force has been taking care of traffic in many areas. But private vehicles coming in from Gujarat posed to be a trouble in the past few days. Traffic jams due to too many Gujarati vehicles slowed down the traffic to a great extent. Mostly traffic has moved like a snail in many areas especially during the Diwali vacations.

With a lot of other developments coming up in the city, Udaipur tourism will witness new heights. Tourists are attracted to this city not just because of lakes but also because of cultural heritage the city holds. With new developments like art galleries and museums, tourists will be able to get a better picture of history of Mewar.

TRAFFIC needs to imrove. Safe parking place for tourist vehicles both private and public and better arrangements for local transportation for tourists can prove to be a boon for the tourism industry. Jams cause trouble and bring local life to a halt resulting in frustration of masses who find it difficult to move to and fro. Smart city ranking will prove to be true if traffic problem is solved.

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