UDAIPUR CORONA UPDATES | All Tests on Coronavirus found to be  Negative, Doctors proactive

UDAIPUR CORONA UPDATES | All Tests on Coronavirus found to be  Negative, Doctors proactive

Social Distancing is the new norm. Lets Stick to it.  This War against one Enemy will be won only by winning battles at city and community level.
UDAIPUR CORONA UPDATES | All Tests on Coronavirus found to be  Negative, Doctors proactive
  • No Positive cases in Udaipur
  • Vegetable vendor Quarantined
  • Rajasthan Gujarat Border Sealed
  • Alleged politically motivated selective sanitization across Bedla village 

Chief Medical Officer Dr Dinesh Kharade, in his address to media today, informed that no positive cases have come up in Udaipur as on 29 March. All 71 tests have been confirmed as negative.

Dr Kharade, on behalf of the administration and police, appreciated the resilience and support from the people of Udaipur and requested them to keep indoors unless there is an emergency which cannot be avoided.  Social Distancing is the new normal so stick to it, Kharade said.

He also asked people to ensure that when they go out to buy the necessary groceries, vegetables or medicine, they need to keep a safe distance of at least one meter between them and other people.  He said that the efforts of the administration to control the spread of the infection is based on continuous support from residents. He requested continuous support from the residents till the lockdown is effective.

Dr Kharade added that those people who have arrived in Udaipur from outside, be it from out of town, district, state or country, need to stay under Home Quarantine for at least 14 days.

Hotels identified as possible Quarantine Centers

In the event of cases increasing in the city, and the need for additional quarantine space, the administration has acquired Kajri RTDC Guest House as one of the hotels for possible quarantine centers in Udaipur.

Bedla Villagers express anguish

In another development upcountry, residents of Bedla Village (4km from Udaipur) have expressed anguish against the panchayat.  Their anguish is based on a development today morning, when the sanitization vehicle that came into the village, fumigated specific houses and left others un-sanitized. The villagers blamed it on political will of the Sarpanch. When UdaipurTimes contacted the Sarpanch she said that vehicle did not go towards houses in narrow by-lanes.  However, when UdaipurTimes asked her that why houses on the main road were also left out, she said that the driver must have made a mistake and that the vehicle will be called back.

Rajasthan Border Sealed today evening

As per media reports, the Rajasthan border was sealed around 1830hrs today.  The decision was taken with immediate effect and each state government has decided that those individuals and families are on either side will be looked after by the respective irrespective of the domicile of the individual. Medical aid, accommodation and food will be provided till the lockdown is in place.  This approach, will, to a large extent control the possibilities of spread of the virus.

Vegetable vendor Quarantined

A proactive approach by Dr Ashok Sharma of CHC, Badgaon resulted in a vegetable vendor being rounded up after locals informed the health center that the vendors father had returned from Bhilwara and was under home quarantine.  The Doctor immediately took action and took the vendor to hospital, where, after being tested, he was put under home quarantine.  Though both the father and son were found to be negative in initial testing, home quarantine as a procedure was recommended and the vegetable shop was sealed to prevent any untoward mishap.

Source: Media Reports

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