Udaipur Lockdown | Section 144 to be extended till 3 May, Curfew lifts on 16 April

Udaipur Lockdown | Section 144 to be extended till 3 May, Curfew lifts on 16 April

Not wearing a Mask and Spitting in public areas is a cognisable offence and will be punished immediately
Udaipur Lockdown | Section 144 to be extended till 3 May, Curfew lifts on 16 April
  • Curfew in Mulla Talai to be lifted on 16 April
  • Passes for permitted services are available online
  • Residents to identify and report those who have come from outside Udaipur

Udaipur Collector Anandi in her address to media today, conveyed her appreciation towards the support given by residents of Udaipur district towards the lockdown. She appreciated the cooperation, patience and sensible approach shown by the people of Udaipur.  This is the only reason that Udaipur is not facing the kind of situations like in the nearby areas.  However, at this point in time, the continuing cooperation needs to continue till the nationwide lockdown is in place, to ensure that the efforts of the past month are not compromised, added Anandi.

The Collector declared that the lockdown provisions will be status quo till 3 May. Section 144 will continue to be in place till 3 May.  However, with the four positive patients having recovered and no other contacts showing signs of having contracted the virus, the Curfew in Ambamata - Mulla Talai will be lifted on 16 April.  However, the area will be under the routine lockdown as in the other parts of the city post the lifting of the Curfew.

Anandi also informed in her press briefing, that over the last few days, inspite of the lockdown, people from nearby areas are entering Udaipur.  They may be coming in from hotspots or highly infected areas.  She informed that though the administration is taking full care and doctors are ensuring proper testing and home quarantine, residents also need to keep their eyess open.  In case such entries are missed for some reason, residents in the neighborhood should call the control centre number and provide information.  The Rapid Action team along with the doctors will ensure that these people are tested and quarantined.

Discipline in the coming days during Phase 2 of the Lockdown till 3 May is very important so that the impact of the previous efforts is not nullified.

She added that food and ration will continue to be provided by the administration.  Status quo of the current lockdown, viz. timings for grocery shops, medical stores, food stuff shops, vendors for vegetables, etc will continue as in the currernt lockdown.

SP Udaipur, Kailash Chandra Bishnoi in his message, after  thanking the people of Udaipur for supporting the efforts of the police, also informed that passes for movement across town for permitted activities are now available online and can be accessed.  He further added that not wearing a mask and spitting in public places is a cognisable offence and will be punished.  He updated that those who have violated orders have been punished. Over 3500 vehicles have been confiscated, 46 FIRs lodged and over 250 people have been arrested for not adhering to the regulations of the lockdown.

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