Udaipur Municipal Corporation’s New Budget Prioritizes Drinking Water, Roads and Street Lights

Udaipur Municipal Corporation’s New Budget Prioritizes Drinking Water, Roads and Street Lights

The budget will mainly address public issues...

Nagar Nigam

Udaipur Municipal Corporation is getting ready to present its budget in February. The corporation's main goal is to make sure that people in the city don't have problems with drinking water, roads and streetlights. There will be more money allocated for these things in the budget. Since municipal elections are happening this year, public welfare will be a top priority in this budget. 

This will be the final budget for this board since elections are coming up later this year. The budget will mainly address public issues. 

Safe Drinking Water Facility

The corporation is prioritizing access to clean drinking water within the city. To achieve this, councilors have put forth a range of proposals in their respective wards. These include initiatives such as installing pipelines for distributing drinking water, constructing water tanks and suggesting the establishment of water treatment plants. Budget allocations can be made to support these proposals. Mayor G.S. Tank has also stressed the importance of focusing on drinking water within the budget. Additionally, with the development of new areas in many wards, efforts are underway to ensure that residents in these regions have access to adequate water supply. 

Roads Renovation

Work on roads is currently underway, but there will also be a significant focus on proposals to build new roads in recently developed areas within the wards and to repair existing damaged roads. Sufficient budget allocations will be made for these purposes as well. 

Streetlight Installation

Given the city's expanding development, there is a plan to install street lights in new areas to ensure that people do not face inconvenience at night. 

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