Udaipur Municipality Elections | BJP secures majority but loses major ground

Udaipur Municipality Elections | BJP secures majority but loses major ground

BJP wins 44 out of 70 seats at Udaipur Municipal Elections but under performs on total Ward count. Win percentage decreases by 26.
Udaipur Municipality Elections | BJP secures majority but loses major ground

- Congress Youth brigade ensures that the party secures major gains in Udaipur Local Elections

- BJP Secures 44 out of 70 Wards - Set to form Board

- BJP Loses traction in Udaipur as Ward hold goes down by 26%

Bhartiya Janta Party has secured 44 wins out of the 70 Wards in the Udaipur Constituency. The Indian National Congress (INC) showcased a resounding win in 20 seats. Out of the remaining 6 seats, the CPI(M) won 1 seat and the remaining 5 were bagged by independent candidates.

Though the BJP has secured a win in 44 seats out of the 70, it needs to be put into perspective that the number of wards was increased from 55 to 70 in this election.  In 2014, the number of seats garnered by BJP was a resounding 49 out of the 55 wards.

Hence the BJP, which is the ruling party in India and has performed exemplary in all sorts of elections across the country post the Lok Sabha elections, has lost major ground in Udaipur. From 49 seats out of 55 (89%) in 2014, the BJP has come down to 44 out of 70 seats (63%) in this years battle.

Udaipur performed poorly with just 57.77& voting and one of the major reasons as per analysts and political pundits is the anti-governance psych that developed among the residents of the city. Over the last 5 years, residents of Udaipur have face agony in the form of infrastructure damage in the name of smart city.  Though the work for smart city is an ongoing process and is expected to give good returns to the city in future, but the implementation of the project in an ad hoc manner, without giving any due consideration to convenience to the residents had damaged the psych of the voters, one of the main reasons for the poorest voting percentage witnessed by Udaipur in this election.

Going back to the results, it was noted that the Congress party came in with a young brigade and youth has won the city this time.  With a comfortable opposition mix in the upcoming board, the city expects a lot of correction to the damage and will look forward to well thought out planning and administration across the district.

This is the first time in the last 25 years that the board will see a comprehensive opposition of 26 seats (37%).  The last BJP boards poor performance was apparent in the results.  The ex-Mayor’s Ward witnessed a defeat for BJP after Congress’ Arun Tak outperformed Anil Kumawat by 1,039 votes.  Gaurav Pratap Singh one of the youngest candidates fielded by the Congress defeated BJP Spokesperson and ex-Board President Chanchal Agarwal by 508 votes.  Congress’ Hidayatullah secured the biggest win in this election by 1,833 votes.

With a 44-20-6 breakup, the board will be made by the BJP. As per reports, Govind Singh Tak (BJP) who won from Ward # 61 with a margin of 1027 votes, is the candidate for Mayor of Udaipur.  Paras Singhvi, who won Ward # 51 will be the candidate for Deputy Mayor. Tara Chand Jain, who won from Ward # 17 with a margin of over 1,000 votes ia another likely candidate for the post of Deputy Mayor.  Arun Tak, who won from Ward # 4 is the candidate for leading the opposition in the new board.  The new Board and announcement of the executive will be done on 26 November.

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