Dangers of Large Hoardings Exposed by Mumbai Incident: A Wake Up Call for Udaipur ?

Dangers of Large Hoardings Exposed by Mumbai Incident: A Wake Up Call for Udaipur ?

UT Ground Report

Udaipur Hoarding Responsibility

Following a tragic incident in Mumbai where a 100-feet-tall hoarding collapsed, claiming 16 lives and injuring 74 individuals, concerns over the safety of hoardings have intensified.  In Udaipur, large and small hoardings adorn every street and road, whether on house rooftops, building rooftops, or walls. While these hoardings can enhance the urban landscape, they also pose potential dangers. 

Udaipur Hoardings

Responsibility for Hoarding Construction and Maintenance

Responsibility for the construction and maintenance of hoardings primarily falls under the purview of administration. These agencies grant permissions and license for hoardings, generating revenue through advertising agency. 

Udaipur Municipal Corporation's Stand

Nitesh Bhatnagar, a Municipal Corporation official, clarified that the corporation is responsible for issuing licenses and permissions. However, it does not undertake the construction or maintenance of hoardings.

Hoardings Under Corporation's Jurisdiction

Of the 150 hoardings falling under the municipal corporation's jurisdiction, most are situated along roadsides. These hoardings have been converted into monopoles, with maintenance responsibilities resting with the renters. 

Udaipur Hoardings

Past Efforts and Legal Constraints Regarding Rooftop Hoardings in Udaipur

According to Bhatnagar, a public notice was issued in July 2023, specifically addressing 50 rooftop hoardings. Building owners got a High Court stay order. It highlighted that since 2010, the corporation had not issued permissions for such hoardings. Building owners and advertising agencies were warned of their liability in case of accidents.

Efforts to address rooftop hoardings have faced legal hurdles. Despite attempts by the corporation, no action can currently be taken due to legal constraints, including contempt of court issues.

Past Incident of Delhigate’s Hoardings Collapse

A tragic incident occurred a few years ago in Udaipur at Dehligate where a young man lost his life when a pipe from a hoarding on the Air Palace building suddenly fell on him. The hoarding was not properly maintained, leading to this accident. This incident sparked discussions in the city for a long time. Questions about responsibility for the young man's death remain unanswered, raising concerns about the city's readiness to prevent similar incidents in the future. 

Will the general public be required to witness another event and become witnesses in the ongoing conflict between building owners, advertising agencies, and advertising providers? What is the solution to this problem in such circumstances?

Replacement of Hoardings with Unipoles

In an effort to enhance public safety, the corporation has replaced traditional hoardings with unipoles. These structures mitigate risks during adverse weather conditions, ensuring that only the advertising flex is damaged, with no harm to pedestrians.

Current Report on Mumbai’s Hoarding Collapse Incident

Udaipur Hoardings Collapse

News reports reveal that Ego Media Pvt. Ltd, the owner of the fallen hoarding, illegally installed 8 other hoardings in the same area. The Mumbai Municipal Corporation investigation uncovered that the company also cut down trees during installation to enhance hoarding visibility. Subsequently, the owner, who had been absconding, was arrested by the police in Udaipur. Multiple prior criminal cases against him have also been reported.

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