Vibhuti park to be adorned with 9 idols

Vibhuti park to be adorned with 9 idols

Vibhuti park will have 9 idols of historically significant people.

Vibhuti park to be adorned with 9 idols

Vibhuti park at Fatehsagar lake is about to experience another beautification. Idols will be installed in the park glorifying Mewar’s significant people. These 9 metal idols of historically significant people from Mewar region will be installed by Municipal Corporation.

9 idols each standing 9 feet tall will be placed at a length of 900 metres in Vibhuti park. Mayor Chandra Singh Kothari paid a visit to Jaipur to inspect the clay models of these idols. It is being said that these idols will be placed within next three months.

Following the formula of 9, estimated cost of each idol is 9 lakh rupees. These 9 idols will be placed at a distance of 100 metres from each other. Made of asht dhatu(8 metals), the weight of each idol will be decided based on the form and shape. The clay models will be completed in next one month. After this, metal body will be prepared in the following two months.

Vibhuti park will have idols of Rana Sanga, Rana Kumbha, Rani Padmini, Rana Hamir Singh, Raj Singh and freedom fighters Vijay Singh Pathik and Kesari Singh Barhath and spiritual guru Govind Guru. Each idol will be placed on a 4 feet high pedestal. Overall the idols will stand at 13 feet. Every pedestal will have details of that particular person signifying his contribution in the existence of Mewar.

Images of all these historically significant people have been sent to Jaipur. The idols will undergo a 3-step check so as to make clear that no fault remains in the construction of these idols.


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