Work Orders being issued across Panchayats in Udaipur division - No Tendering Process followed

Work Orders being issued across Panchayats in Udaipur division - No Tendering Process followed

A Single Firm from Sirohi has been given work orders by Gram Panchayats to accomplish projects under IEC Swachh Bharat Mission - No Tendering process followed
Work Orders being issued across Panchayats in Udaipur division - No Tendering Process followed
District Admininstration Officers say that if Work Orders have been processed with due procedure, the payments will be held back

In a case of non compliance to procedures, investigations by a team of reporters belonging to a local media house have uncovered underhand operations under the Swachh Bharat Mission.

As per media reports in Patrika, the Wall Painting project under the Swachch Bharat Mission taking place in the Udaipur Girwa and Kurabad area has been awarded without the mandatory tender process. Work of Wall Painting that was to be done in 20 days has taken four months and still the work is incomplete.  Further, the work that has been done is of substandard quality across all the Panchayats.

To add further non compliance, the work orders have been awarded to a single firm, without fulfilling the tender process. Payments are also being done in tranches to break open the loop holes in the system. Questions have been raised on the utilisation of funds under the IEC model (Information, Education and Communication).

A firm from Sirohi, by the name of Raja Painters has been awarded work orders for all 32 Gram Panchayats. The work includes wall painting, slogan writing and installation of iron sign boards at BSR minus 5% rate.
Bills for 20 Gram Panchayat Samitis, amounting to Rs 20 Lakh has been given to the BDO.  Work Orders have been issued without any tendering process. The basis for giving work orders without any tendering process is the pre approved rates under Swachh Bharat Mission. Rs. 19 lakh worth of work is also said to have been completed in the Kurabad Panchayat Samiti. It was observed that government buildings have been painted in an ad hoc manner.

Supyar Kapuriya, Development Officer, Girwa argued that the work orders have been issued under the guidelines given by the government. He confessed that he had no idea of the firm that was awarded the work order. He also said that the bills have also not been given to him.

As per Ranjeet Singh Chaudhary, Development Officer, Kurabad, bills upto Rs 13 Lakh are yet to be verified for work done in 24 Panchayats. He confirmed that each Panchayat can award upto Rs 1 Lakh worth of work under the approved rates.
Kamar Chaudhary, CEO of District Parishad, Udaipur said that any discrepencies coming to his notice after a proper enquiry will be looked into. Payments will only be made if the work has been done as per procedure.

The above post is as per the investigation carried out by Rajasthan Patrika

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