"Russian Lips" - a Revolution in Lips Beauty at Arth Skin and Fitness by Dr Arvinder Singh

For the first time in Rajasthan, Udaipur's Arth Skin and Fitnesshas brought the celebrity favourite - "Russian Lips" technique to make one’s lips voluminous and attractive.


Let’s admit it, looks do matter! Thin and uneven toned lips can leave one looking unappealing and dull. If you want to be forever selfie ready, then wait no more. Get perfect, attractive and photo ready lips without taking any hefty cosmetic visits to metro cities.

Udaipur based Arth Skin and Fitness, equipped with world class expertise and facilities, has bought the best "Russian Lips" technique to the doorstep of Rajasthan. 

What is Russian lips technique

Anyone who is active on social media would know the importance of a forever ready selfie face. Russian Lips technique does exactly that. It is used to give one’s lips a voluminous and appealing shape. It make one’s lips:

  • Attractive and eventoned
  • Reduces smoker’s line
  • Voluminous and thick
  • Gives you a pronounced Cupid’s bow
  • Appealing and in even shape
  • Plumpier and Voluminous

Why Arth skin and fitness is the right choice for you

Arth Skin and Fitness is North India’s largest quality certified clinical cosmetic clinic. It is also Rajasthan’s first center of excellence  in collaboration with world’s leading aesthetic laser company ALMA. Carrying the trust and brand name of the Arth group, Arth Skin and Fitness is dedicated to providing quality service at affordable costs.

Expertise of the top clinical cosmetologists

Russian lips technique demands expertise and an artist’s touch, so it becomes very important that it is done only by expert and learned hands. Arth deploys some of the finest clinical cosmetologists who use their expertise to render you with quality and desire oriented results. They make it possible for one to become beautiful and aesthetically enhanced without any surgery. The team is led by Dr Arvinder Singh, who is certified in facial injectables by International Academy of Aesthetic Training, Sweden.

Painless and safe procedure

At Arth, the client is the most important person in the treatment room. Client’s convenience, satisfaction and trust is Arth’s topmost priority. By painlessly injecting dermal fillers, Arth renders one with voluminous and alluring lips in just an hour! Become beautiful without any surgery, pain or side effects. Wait no more, get forever selfie ready lips with the best Russian Lips technique available only at Arth skin and fitness   Choose Arth, Choose Quality.