5 Simple Ways to Go Green

5 Simple Ways to Go Green

Be part of the solution, not of the Earth pollution. Here are some 5 simple and basic tips for how to make a green and clean Earth


The occurance of the word “Global Warming” is so frequent in our daily life, but among 100% population, probably only 60% knows the exact meaning of  global warming, forget about the rest, we have become so self centered that we are not even bothered to know what is happening around us.

The term “GLOBAL WARMING” is nothing but the rise in earth’s temperature due to green house gases and pollution.

“Man makes his own destiny and sows what he reaps” is what we have done. We are producing disastrous world for ourselves in the name of development, modernization & industrialization.

Protecting our Earth means protecting our health, wealth and family. And now its high time to take some real action to save our Earth in order to save ourselves. As a common citizen, we can take several initiatives to protect our planet. The minute things that every individual can afford to do.

Instead of making resolutions and promises we can start up by educating ourselves about the concept of global warming because awareness leads towards action. Be part of the solution, not of the Earth pollution.

Here are some 5 simple and basic tips for how to make a green and clean Earth:

1. Save electricity

5 Simple Ways to Go Green

If we save electricity you can save our earth’s energy as well as your pocket because every single time you use electricity you pay for it so use electricity wisely.

2. Use public transport

5 Simple Ways to Go Green Start using public transport which will  reduce traffic problems and pollution. Stop exploiting natural resources. As one never knows when it will finish.

3. Take a walk or use bicycles

5 Simple Ways to Go Green

The best way to keep ourselves healthy is to walk, use stairs. Say no to lift or elevators. This will keep you & your Earth in good motion.

4.Use paper or cloth bags

5 Simple Ways to Go Green it’s Eco-friendly, comfortable, durable, light & trendy too. Using plastic polythene is getting banned everywhere.

5.  Save water

5 Simple Ways to Go Green

And last but not the least, save water and use recycled products, simply that means take less time to take bath and use water efficiently.

“To save Earth, we must save ourselves! To change Earth, we must change ourselves.”

There are several other things we can do to protect our earth but these are some simple things and which we have been studying and learned in our school and college times. This is a the situation of either do-or-die now, so one should put all words into action or else we have to face our end soon. It a warning call from our mother Earth. Lets take a stand together for it.

So Join the revolution & stop pollution!

thumbnail photo credits: mukumbura

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