7 Lessons I Learnt before launching my Startup in Udaipur

7 Lessons I Learnt before launching my Startup in Udaipur

Udaipur is well-known as a “City of Lakes”; well it won’t be erroneous to term it as a “City of Dreams” too. And when you have a vision in mind to bring it on canvas, how can you sleep, that too in the most beautiful city of the world (as declared). That’s how I was driven with the idea to light up my dream here.


7 Lessons I Learnt before launching my Startup in Udaipur

Udaipur is well-known as a “City of Lakes;” well it won’t be erroneous to term it as a “City of Dreams” too. And when you have a vision in mind to bring it on canvas, how can you sleep, that too in the most beautiful city of the world (as declared). That’s how I was driven with the idea to light up my dream here.

I completed my Mechanical Engineering in July 2015 and after some soul and mind struggles, I finally decided to launch something of my own in Udaipur. Although I do not hail from Udaipur, but I’m living here from past 4 years and every single time this city has pushed me to follow my taste.

In the execution journey of last 40 days, I got some real life lessons in the beginning of the project itself in the city. But my beliefs claim them to be the lessons which will make me steady onto my taste and keep me stable on the right path all throughout my entrepreneurial journey.

1. Let’s Get started.                                                                                

I once heard my Professor saying, “There is no can or can’t, only will or won’t.” That little phrase has stuck with me to this day. In our society, whenever someone is willing to start up with something eccentric, they always find themselves encircled with so many self exclamations like:

  • How things will work? (Validity)
  • What should be the actual product? (Product selection)
  • Public reactions? (Market fear)
  • Will it work or not? (Mental fear)

And so on. But one should not panic from such hurdles. Such fears aren’t exceptional, but what is exceptional is your courage for the execution of your dream and idea. The courage and firm determination is the key to success. Just an urge and audacity to do something astonishing solves all such questions as mentioned above.

All you need to do is to just start up with all what you have and let it flow because sometimes it is good to even start with no plans as well. Always act with your instincts and keep your eyes wide open and feet firm on grounds to reach the 7th sky and I assure you that your next lead will be waiting for you in front of you any time.

2. Trust on Your Idea.

Trust is in Udaipur’s soul. I would like to quote a well known example here which is the story of Maharana Pratap and Chetak (Pratap’s horse).

Maharana Pratap purchased Chetak from an Arab horse dealer who brought him and another companion horse, Natak, to the royal camp. The two animals were highly pedigreed and praised as mounts only for a Maharana, and came with an astronomic price tag. Natak was subsequently chosen and immediately put to the test. During his trial in which he performed great feats and won the admiration of all, he was fatally injured. Impressed by Natak’s performance, Maharana Pratap bought Chetak who then became his favorite mount.

If Maharana Pratap never trusted on Chetak, he would have never won so many battles. First you should Trust on your Idea and then let the world Trust in your Idea.

3. Just Ask.

I read somewhere:

           My work is never complete, we wake up with a hunger to learn, and no one is ever truly an expert. Anyone who says, ‘I’m an expert at anything’ has closed their mind to the idea that they might not know everything. There’s always more to learn. I’ve never considered myself an expert. I’m always a student of leadership. All the work is imperfect and all the learning is continuous.

And to learn more and more you must keep questioning. Ask out all your doubts twice, thrice and till the time it is not crystal clear to you. All you need to do is just to question up all the doubts and the answers to them will automatically open the doors to your success one by one.

In Udaipur, I met so many peoples who kept their heart out in their answers to my questions. And if they were unaware and unsure about the topic of my question, they always referred me to the next best possible destination where I can seek the exact answer. And in lieu to lead, all you need to do is just to ask apt and relevant questions with a persistent mind to succeed.

4. Show Respect, Integrity and Gratitude.

This is the best thing which worked for me while interacting with vendors and convincing them for tie-ups. I don’t have a product, an efficient huge backed up team, attractive proposals and other catchy stuff. But all I have is simple Business card and an honest vision to show them.

But what worked for me is not to become any other marketing guy who just wants to sell his product, instead I interacted with vendors showing respect towards them and their organizations, integrity to my startup and gratitude towards them during conversations. And I really appreciate their response and maximum of them have already accepted our proposal and collaborated with us. My success rate is scoring 78% at present.

And the rest who did not accept my proposal provided me a valid reason for which I am obliged and glad that they respected my dream so much.

Apart from knowledge, power or anything else, what works best is to give Respect, have Integrity and show Gratitude.

5. Consistent Persistence.

The Eternal Mewar is known for the consistent perseverance of its culture and dignity from ages. And so, no matter how brilliant your idea is, if you do not have tenacity to achieve your goals and stick to your plans, you will never touch the zenith.

I remember, once a reputed merchant called me 20 times in 12 days for approval. I went every single time and he was stuck with some or the other important tasks and asked me to come later. Finally on 21st meeting he filled the form and we collaborated.

So, it’s just the commitment to every single task which leads you and enhances you.

6. Taste everything.

Not literally, but you must necessarily. At the initial stage you don’t know anything, you have so many queries and dilemma surrounding you and the simplest solution to everything is to…

Explore every corner, everything, and everyone in the city and then select what suits best to you. At the end this city will always surprise you and make you wonder that how beautiful and full of treasure this city is which holds thousands of unfolded secrets inside her. All you need to do to unfold it is to GO and EXPLORE.

7. You are at perfect place to start.

Yes you read it correct. You know it already that you are at a perfect place to start up anything good you are willing to, but my say is in the context of non-conventional startups in the city.

You must have thought before beginning anything that:

– This is not an ideal place to start your dazzling plan.

–  It doesn’t have opportunities for scale.

– You need a bigger city or more tech-freak consumers and costumers.

– There’s a deficiency of crucial resources here.

I was also stuck with same problems two months ago, but now I am confident enough that this is absolutely perfect place to startup. When you go out and try, whole city stands for you lending helping hands towards you and that’s the best part of this place.

Of course, you have to face challenges…It filled with phases like caught in the dark, exploring uncharted territories, fighting against the odds. Just refuse to give up…keep your head down and work on your execution and give honest effort to your idea. You shall definitely overcome one day.


“Where there is a will, there is a way”.

Also, let me make it apparent to you all that it’s not a success story by far, it is rather a struggle story of a person who has just seen a dream which is coming into shape in this city of dreams.

I would wind up my words by just saying that Work hard, Have fun, be Genuine, Play fair and Dream Big. We get only one single chance in whole lifespan to fulfill those inevitable dreams we see, so make the best out of it.

Contributed by: Aayush Roy. Visit his Blog Here

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