New year's resolutions to maximize students productivity at work and in their personal lives

New year's resolutions to maximize students productivity at work and in their personal lives

Students taking Board and other competitive examinations should maintain a balance between their mental and physical health


Every new year is an excellent opportunity to begin things in your life that have previously been lacking. Both mental and physical wellness must be balanced. However, because students have a lot of study and job burdens, it is vital to take things into account. Since the new year 2023 has begun, one should begin establishing new resolutions this year as well. Especially for those who will be taking Boards and other competitive exams. Also the students who are managing their jobs and study both. 

A student may encounter certain academic difficulties. The main disadvantage is that they prefer to study for extended periods of time with no breaks, which limits their creative thinking and other health-related difficulties. Here are some helpful hints for staying active when studying.

Reschedule your sleep hours

It is critical for a working student to have eight hours of sleep every night. We are ignoring the sleep and rest our bodies require in today's fast-paced world. It is critical to create a daily routine that allows for adequate relaxation time. 

In teenagers, sleep is critical since it has big consequences such as mental drifting in class, poor decision making, decreased sport and academic performance, risk-taking behavior, increased number of sick days from school, concentration issues, and so on. Teens need 8-10 hours sleep each night but most of the teens get 6-7 hours each night. 

Eat what your body needs but reduce junk eating habits

A healthy diet is essential for both students and working students. Along with that junk food also one should also have nutritious food into their diet. This will not only help you prevent unneeded junk food consumption, but will also keep your health intact. 

Though its negative health consequences affect people of all ages, children and adolescents are particularly vulnerable. It can lead to obesity and is a risk factor for a variety of noncommunicable diseases such as heart disease, cardiovascular disease, cancer, hypertension, diabetes, and so on. Good diet can naturally boost your mental productivity and assist you in performing better activities. 

Read more books

Without a doubt, reading is the key to success. Reading habits make you wiser and raise your awareness of the things around you. Aside from your academic books, make it a habit to read from other sources such as newspapers, novels, journals, and so on, since this can help you expand your knowledge. 

Make time for yourself

The most crucial thing a student lacks is taking time away from their academics to relax. One should devote time to hobbies that they enjoy. Prioritize your favourite activities and allow yourself a one-hour break. 

Reduce Technology Usage 

Every student has a smartphone in this rapidly changing technology world. Physical activities are nearly non-existent as the technological era begins and social media takes over our existence. Try going for a short walk or doing something you enjoy this New Year. Control phone usage and increase your reading habits. 

Take care of your mental health

Teenagers are prone to emotional problems. Anxiety disorders which may include panic  attacks or excessive concern. These are the most frequent in this age range, and they are more common in older adolescents than in younger adolescents. 

The New Year 2023 has approached quickly and with each passing year, we as people strive to be a better version of ourselves. We consider new year resolutions that will make the following year more productive and beneficial. This year quit bad habits, try something new and explore. Students should plan their time for study hours and for other activities and practise them on daily basis. 

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