A Different Perspective

A Different Perspective

There is a Philosophical view of a Pantheist Group who believes that “Dharan Maai” (Planet Earth) is

A Different Perspective

There is a Philosophical view of a Pantheist Group who believes that “Dharan Maai” (Planet Earth) is like a Tortoise and the outer shell of it is the Sky and the lower part is Earth and the world is in between where we live.

The scientific view is that the outer space is Vacuum and Vacuum pulls everything, so the space is pulling Earth and it’s gravity, which is acting as an agent against that vacuum pull, but with the increasing DeJungleation, Mining, Urbanization, High-Rise Buildings, Pollution and other ecological disasters these Earthquakes and other natural calamities are occurring frequently because “Nature has a tendency to rectify itself.”

It is this outer vacuum, which is constant since the evolution of Earth; but with non-sustainable development this vacuum is getting stronger and stronger. The magnetic pull gets stronger and stronger as you reach close to it. So, with the increasing high rise buildings we are getting closer to this vacuum and at the same time with mining and DeJungleation, we are weakening the holding strength of the planet. With the increasing pollution of all sorts we are destroying the outer layer of this tortoise and hence this vacuum is becoming a monster.

Earth Quakes are the pull of this vacuum; High Tides are the pulling of this Vacuum, and draught is the result of this vacuum. Human development, which is just limited to self-sustainability and has to be sustainable for generations to come, is the result of all these natural calamities and Gods are being blamed for it.

It is the Human who is too eager to meet the God of the outer space and is going closer to it as fast as possible and hence facing the results of it. In history these kind of events have lead to the end of civilizations and the thresholds we had in past.

“Bastiyaan Basti hai Ujadney ke Liye,

Or Hum Banjaarey Bastey hi Nahin Ujadney Ke liye.”

-Swami Nobody Ji

Planting more and more trees and giving a greener coat to the Earth will lead to a stronger grip against this vacuum pull. Also, these trees will help in formation of minerals and other Earthly wealth under and over, also will help fight against this global warming and other natural calamities we are facing every now and than.

Every Family adopting at least a tree should be the mission to Save Planet Earth and Save Humans.

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