A Letter to Modi and Rahul Gandhi

A Letter to Modi and Rahul Gandhi

While Congress has ruled this country for maximum number of years, BJP too got a chance to rule and govern the country in certain time frames.


A Letter to Modi and Rahul Gandhi

While Congress has ruled this country for maximum number of years, BJP too got a chance to rule and govern the country in certain time frames.

The one in power, contributed towards the country in one way or the other. While, the one in opposition always criticizes the one in power.

This behavioral concept is the same for both of them. It’s like if BJP is in power, Congress will keep yelling about BJP’s mistakes, frauds and short comings. The same is vice-verse for BJP too, if Congress would be in power.

We have seen this for years. The one in opposition will talk loud about giving relief, solution, remedy for all the problems people are facing during the rule of a particular Government, but only on one condition, that people would have to vote for them in the next elections and they like magicians, scientists, intellectuals, will solve all their problems in the next five years, while the ruling party has no idea about how to solve any of the existing problems and get out of the mess.

It’s like you get into a Private Hospital and ask for a treatment for heart, they will say with a smile, “We will surely sir, but first you need to pay for it.”

Well Mr. Rahul and Mr. Modi, are we working to contribute towards our Country, or we are working to contribute only towards our Political Parties!!!! This is not my question to you; this is the question to the entire country.

It doesn’t matter who is in power or who is in opposition, if any one of you have a solution to some problem that our country is suffering from, why do you wait to come in power and only then you commit that you will fix all the problems of the country.

The country is in problem; don’t wait for your chance to rule for 5 years. You both have a big brains, which could suggest solutions if discussed over a cup of coffee.

Have it, don’t wait for you turn. Contribute your suggestion and your advice even while any one of you is in opposition.

This is for the country. Enough of fooling around with us. You people can do it. Give an example to the world and all the people of this world that we are only bothered about the country, doesn’t matter if we are in power or in opposition.

Can you both do it for us? Can you both do it for the country? If you can’t then better don’t talk so loud about your political ambitions and goals for 5 years, as we know you are doing it for your own selfish motives and not for the country.

A last word to both of you:

Mr. Rahul, we are sorry we gave you a lot of time. What else will you do now, if you came to power again, when you were not able to fix the present issues? You should have been a member of the cabinet. It would have given you experience.

You had ample amount of time, now this last day exam preparations won’t help much. You are doing good, speaking well, but why and where were you sleeping till now.

As for Mr. Modi, It doesn’t matter what you say during your speeches that appear to be some school skit dialogues, but will you be able to give a right of equality to all religions?

It’s easy to say, but we know what’s in your core. We are expecting a clear and equal rule from your side. It’s a challenge for you. If you could do this, you will appear as a powerful leader of the country.

This is a democratic country. Everyone’s proud of our country’s rich and varied culture and heritage. But why spoil it? It’s the identity of our country. It makes our country superior, as our country gives shelter and respect to all. Don’t spoil the image of the country. We are hoping from you a strong commitment.

All the Best to both of you.

PS. Mr. Kejriwal, Please keep quiet.

By Samir Samuel David

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