An afternoon at Goverdhan Sagar

An afternoon at Goverdhan Sagar 

Friday afternoon was quite a time when kids were enjoying at Goverdhan Sagar park, tourists could be spotted basking in the sun and the floral beauty was a relief to the eyes.
An afternoon at Goverdhan Sagar

-Goverdhan Sagar park is a very welcoming place especially on winter afternoons.

-The cafe above Panna Dhai art gallery had tourists and the local public sipping hot tea and coffee. 

Friday afternoon I stole the opportunity to enjoy some leisure time. The Goverdhan Sagar Park welcomed me with the sun shining bright. Though the park still needs to be taken care of, I was overwhelmed by the floral beauty and the lush green grass. Basically it was an afternoon well spent.

I also happened to go to Panna Dhai art gallery where the day’s show was over by the time I reached. The aroma of hot coffee and snacks pulled me to the cafe right above the gallery. I saw a lot of tourists over there. To my surprise, yet a good one, social distancing was being strictly maintained by the cafe management, everybody wore masks and the place was sparkling clean.

Due to shortage of time, I could not accept the invitation of coffee extended by Rakesh Choudhary of MM Travels, but the place did tell me that I must visit and relax at least once. There was no need for me to enquire about the mandates as that is the first thing I set my eyes on. A few words of conversation with Rakesh revealed that around 40 percent of the visitors in the cafe were Gujarati tourists, the others were locals. The pandemic era has hit all the businesses and the tourist numbers have now gone down by 50 percent. Yet no hopes lost as open spaces are preferred for afternoons and Goverdhan Sagar area has been attracting both local public and tourists eventually making the cafe run.

Let us take a look at pictures taken in this park. The flowers will fill your heart with peace. Children playing in the park will tell you that you should go with your family and relax this weekend.

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