Rajasthan schools to reopen soon-Are we in a "trial and error" mode??

Rajasthan schools to reopen soon-Are we in a "trial and error" mode??

With more than 500 children infected with Covid in past 11 days in Bengaluru, why are we taking the risk of opening schools?
covid in children

Just a day back, news was rolled that 300 children were infected followed by the number increasing to more than 500 children.

Hasn't the Bengaluru news created an alert for us? Why are we risking the lives of our children?

The 3rd wave of Covid-19 is very likely to take its toll on the children. This has been alerted by the experts who are keeping a close watch on the ever growing network of corona virus which is hitting back and forth in new forms.

Bengaluru reported 300 cases of covid-19 in children just a day back, and the numbers went to more than 500 by early morning today. On one hand we have been asked to be extremely cautious since children are the “target” of the virus in the 3rd wave. We need to keep our children inside the protective walls of homes. It is yet another issue that it has also been said that the 3rd wave might not be so dangerous and also that kids have strong immunity. But don’t be too sure!!

Schools are the main concern of everyone. Parents are worried about the future of the kids without schooling; they are also worried about the safety measures in the schools. Recently the Rajasthan administration made an announcement that schools in Rajasthan would open from the 1st of September with 50 percent capacity and children need to have written consent from the parents for attending schools. The question here is whether the schools should actually be opened for offline classes as the 3rd wave, if it does not affect the children drastically, would still be making them potential carriers of the virus.

Why are we rushing in to open the schools without vaccination of the kids? It does matter if the people around are vaccinated, either fully or with one dose, but it does not make any sense to expose the children to the risk of the fatal virus. Are we in a trial and error mode and waiting to see the impact of the 3rd wave on the children or are we only worried about the education scenario?

Why are the children being risked when the virus has already spread among the innocent beings at a fast rate? The infected children in Bengaluru are in the age group of 0 to 19 years. A vaccine has not yet been approved and trials are still going on. If any child gets affected in a drastic way, who is to be blamed? There is no point in converting the children into carriers; who would eventually be going home to their parents and grandparents and risking everybody’s lives.

The issue of opening schools must be given a good thought as children are the future of the country.

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