At moments like these we all are like "What's all this mess, Why 2020!!"

At moments like these we all are like "What's all this mess, Why 2020!!"

Mental health, often ignored, is a crucial part of our lives
At moments like these we all are like "What's all this mess, Why 2020!!"
Dr Ishika Ahuja

I write this with a very heavy heart. Such an unbelievable news to hear of. An intelligent and amazing actor full of talent, commits suicide at a mere age of 34.

At moments like these we all are like "What's all this mess, Why 2020!! "

But, let's stop cursing the year and look deeper into the truth of our lives. A tiny virus has left us all to introspect ourselves, to look into the purpose of our lives. What are we actually running behind!! Are we so incomplete without material life and is it so hard to invest time on ourselves & spend some quality time with the ones who actually matter at the end of the day?

Now, for a person who has always inspired us through his words, whose iconic dialogues were all about the importance of not giving up, be it in the biopic of MS Dhoni or Chicchore. We never knew what any person is facing within. What a person shows on social media is not the reality.

They are all fake smiles. What matters is our real full fledged lives, not a 1 second snapshot. If we are happy from within, then are we actually healthy.

Mental health, often ignored, is a crucial part of our lives. Physical pain & disease are treated with medication, but what about the state of mind of the individual. 

So, in the current scenario, we need to start respecting each other's choices, since you never know what someone is going through. 

People are fighting battles, you know nothing of. Right now, we are all stressing the need to speak out; yes it is very important, but we also need to ensure that we are providing an environment supportive enough for them to speak their heart out.

But, I strongly believe that suicide, was and will never be the solution to anything.

As our beloved star, himself said, 'जिंदगी में अगर कुछ सबसे ज्यादा इंपॉर्टेन्ट है तो वो है खुद की जिंदगी' ; we must not forget that no matter it seems sometimes that everything is falling apart, it will end. One of the finest words I have heard are "This too shall pass". So when you are thinking that you are drowning in sadness & there is grief all around, just believe that all this will fade away soon. You just need to stand strong, no matter how tough it feels that moment. You never know if God is testing you and your destination is right next to all the sorrows. 

And who doesn't face failures in life; what matters is how you respond to them and how strongly you come out of it with a lesson learned.

At last, I also want to illustrate an example from a movie, the protagonist is telling an incident from her past - a kid gets irritated and packs her bag and runs away from her house. That time it was a very big thing in her life. But years later, when she recites this incident, she said that big baggage was her tiffin box and she ran till the park in the colony. The message is that now you are thinking it is the worst time in your life. But give a thought that will it really matter in the long run, the amount of stress you are taking is not worth it because years later you will realise that all of it was just so small.

So, now though it is quite hard but let us try to come out from the grief of his demise. He was a gem and will always rule our hearts.

And its high time we all take a pledge to see the good things in life and celebrate the beautiful journey life is and also to taking care of mental health foremost priority of ourselves & of people around us.

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