Beat stress during the pandemic-It's your life

Beat stress during the pandemic-It's your life

Why be scared and depressed because of a virus? Stay healthy and happy and try to shoo away all possible chances of getting infected.
Beat stress during the pandemic-It's your life
Feelings of depression can be beaten, corona can be defeated, but once you let poor health rule are gone. That's where corona wins.

All efforts are being made to reduce the numbers of people from getting infected. Covid-19 may certainly be taking its toll over people but it is up to each one to decide what he wants for his life. Adopt a negative approach towards life and invite the symptoms that declare you covid that what you want?

Many people have faced this situation and many are facing fact the toll on a person's mental health is multiplying and it is inviting the virus even more. Researches are being done about this and most of them say that one has to stay mentally healthy to beat the fear and keep bad health at bay. It is true to some extent. Some of us are brave enough and we stay positive and also try to spread positive vibes. Some people may not be having this spirit and they are the ones who are falling into depression.These people need our help and even with a little encouragement, we can boost up their morale and help them stay mentally fit. 

The best of points for all of us are:

  • Sleep well and follow an organised routine. If you sleep well, your mind stays fresh and gets better thoughts. The most important point is that a routine must be set whether we are office goers or we stay at home. 
  • We must sleep on time, get up on time, and follow a good exercise routine. 
  • Eating healthy is also very important. Cut down on tobacco, bottled drinks, canned or packet foods, and consume fresh home cooked food, have the habit of eating salad and fresh fruits and increase your protien diet (doctor's advice must be taken for this). 
  • If you exercise regularly, you will gradually notice that your body starts pumping energy in you and makes you feel more active throughout the day. 
  • Give time to good books, enjoy music, be a kid once again and develop some kind of hobby to keep you busy.
  • It is also important that you indulge in conversations with everyone in the house and also encourage your neighbourhood to talk and share feelings. Socialising is important and with social media you can very conveniently have online gatherings and chit-chat.
  • One very important point is that following news channels every now and then (which tend to push you into depression) must be avoided. Instead opt for movie channels, kids' channels, read books that once gave you happiness and kept you occupied. Be a kid for some time, enjoy with the kids at home. Their games may irritate you for the time being, but these games can be explored for keeping depression away. 
  • And of course, use your mobile phone to talk to all those whom you have not called since long. Pass on the good vibes.

When was the last time you sang or danced? Put on the music and at least sway with the rhythm, close your room and sing. Open your old albums and think of the old friends, compare the changes in landscapes, think of all the good times you had ...There are many ways we can beat stress. We just need to talk about it once. 

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