Boost your immune system-Minimise the risk of virus

Boost your immune system-Minimise the risk of virus

If we take a proper diet, the necessary elements that build up our immune system and follow certain steps, we have all the chances of minimising the risk of infection.
Boost your immune system-Minimise the risk of virus

-Adding herbs, seeds and nuts to our diet can help in building a strong immunity.

-Exercising and sleeping well and following a good health routine in a must.

A good immune system is a must for all. It helps in keeping a lot of diseases and infections at bay. With the present situation that we are forced to live into, we can still help ourselves if we build up a strong immune system. A strong immunity helps in minimising the risk of a lot of health issues and we can lead a cheerful life.

The world is in a grappling situation because of corona virus. The only way to keep ourselves safe is through proper diet, good sleep and exercises. Being positive in our thoughts also plays an important role in maintaining good health. Of course the use of masks and sanitisers and washing our hands regularly with soap is a must. Making sure of changing into fresh clothes everytime we return home from shopping is also important. Basically changing clothes, washing away the dirt and dust after returning home have been age old practices in India and they have become even more important now.

Getting back to strong immune system, let us see how to build it and keep ourselves safe. There are a lot of things which can be included in our daily diet to build a good immunity. Keep your blood pressure in control and for this eat low carb diets. This will also help control sugar if you are a diabetic. The main focus must be on protein rich diets, fruits and vegetables.

Mushrooms, garlic, basil leaves, black pepper, ginger, eggs, broccoli, fish, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, melon seeds, turmeric, amla (gooseberries) etc. help in providing vitamin E, omega 3 and 6, vitamin C and the necessary nutrients for the body hence building a good health. Drink lots of water and stay hydrated.

People usually compromise on their sleep either due to work tension or due to their unorganised daily schedule. This is one major step that needs to be taken care of. Never compromise on sleep. Each person needs 7 to 8 hours of sleep as this relaxes both mind and body and gives you the strength to deal with the day.

Apart from good sleep, exercising is a must. Exercise helps in increasing blood circulation, burning fat and keeping us active throughout the day. It is not necessary to hit the gym daily. All you can do is turn to rope skipping, regular walk schedules in the morning, stretching, squatting etc. for 15 to 30 minutes a day depending upon what suits you.

Another important thing is keeping the mind free of tensions. Do not linger on things that stress you mentally. To relax good music is the best option or taking a walk in the park, talking to friends and ventilating yourself, watching good movies that fill you up with positive attitude and even reading good books must be adopted as part of daily routine. Meditation also helps in de-stressing.  

So be positive (mentally) in life and try adopting a good lifestyle to keep infections at bay,

Be sure to boost your immunity as this is the only way,

Do not give in to any temptations that make you go astray,

Live and let live in good health, is what we say.  

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