Boss! Social distancing has gone for a toss!!

Boss! Social distancing has gone for a toss!!

Festival season is witnessing crowds in the markets and social distancing norms are being overlooked by public.
Boss! Social distancing has gone for a toss!!
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-Are we heading towards another disastrous phase of the pandemic?

-Why is public negligent towards maintaining the mandates despite knowing that they are risking their own lives?

Here we are complaining about a lot of issues being faced in the pandemic era, there public does not understand the necessity of following the most required steps in this era. Yes, it is the mandates that we are talking about which are to be followed strictly but are not.

One day the number of covid positive patients is 49 and the next day the numbers jump to 75. Why is this happening? This is happening because public is reckless. Move out on a morning walk or for a drive, you will find many people without wearing masks or the masks don’t cover the nose or the masks are hanging by their throats. Personally wearing a mask properly is more comfortable than hanging it like a noose. Do remember that the virus enters through respiratory tract.

Festive season is on. Markets are abuzz once gain. Wedding season is also close by. People are flocking the markets for shopping and there again, the masks are hanging or folded in their palms like a handkerchief. Above all, people are not even bothered about their kids. Children are found cycling and playing without their masks. Of course, they forget about social distancing while playing and who is keeping an eye on them? No one!! And the one who utters a word gets “those taunting” looks.

Boss! Social distancing has definitely gone for a toss!! While shopping, public is only bothered about getting their work done first. Some people even feel that they can get their work done faster when they have their masks on, obviously they overlook the mandate of social distancing. I am not simply typing this out, I have seen people rushing into shops for their shopping purposes even when the shop has a lot of people inside. People are rushing for shopping the way a person would rush to evacuate a building on fire.

Should we really be blaming the government for not getting the vaccine faster? It is our duty, too, to assist by following the mandates so that the virus chain can be broken and eliminated at the earliest. But we are being too negligent in fulfilling our duties. Not blaming the entire public, but those who are actually doing this must get the hint that they need to be careful. No one must believe that they have the strongest of immunity to fight this deadly virus...PLEASE FOLLOW THE MANDATES AND HELP YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS. Masks and social distancing must be followed in the correct way.


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