[By the Way] Fat is Unfit

[By the Way] Fat is Unfit

Nobody is perfect in this world. We all have been born with some special qualities or weaknesses. Unfortunately people don't notice good qualities.

[By the Way] Fat is Unfit

Beauty lies within. Inner beauty is most important feature of any human being. We have been taught this since childhood but when it comes into reality, it seems a joke. 

Nobody is perfect in this world. We all have been born with some special qualities or weaknesses. Unfortunately people don’t notice good qualities.

Few months back I was surfing internet and came across a story. A builder made a society which has a swimming pool. He used italian tiles for the flooring. One or two tiles were broken. That builder did not replace the tiles. When the swimming pool was inaugurated, almost every person who went inside the pool, noticed the broken tiles. Nobody noticed the design or other beautiful tiles. When builder was approached and questioned for his fault, he started laughing. What he said is absolutely correct and it shows true human nature. No matter how good you are from inside, people always notice your flaws. It was a psychological test done by that builder on his clients.

I am a patient of thyroid and arthritis. I have a tendency to put on weight. I try to maintain my weight by putting all efforts. I have done courses in nutrition and diet to understand my problems. My weight fluctuates and I have become used to it. In my opinion, we have to look good and presentable in every condition, after all smartness lies in our work and how we handle tough situations.

But everything seems to go in vain when people comment on your body without knowing the actual fact. They easily comment on your food habits and give free advise to eat healthy and exercise.I really don’t understand that why do people are worried about my health more than me.

Following film industry trends and awareness towards health is absolutely okay but it does not mean that all fat or plump people are unhealthy and unaware of good habits. It may hurt others when you simply tease them. You may also not perfect in other terms such as some people are dark , some extra fair, some are bald, some have bad teeth and others may have any other flaw. But these days what matters is your ideal weight.

If you are plump or fat, you are being targeted as you have done the biggest crime on earth. It’s just a reality check. It’s good to be slim but it is not the criteria of being healthy. Many slim and fit people also have health issues. A few extra pounds or kilos don’t decide your intelligence. I am not saying that being fat is good. I am trying to say that its okay to be what you are. Its good to check your imperfections before pointing to others.

Movies and film stars look good because its their profession. We must look good for ourselves not to impress others. Being fat can never be my choice but I may have some health issues which everyone should consider before forming an opinion about my health or weight. I know many people are facing such problems but they won’t speak. May be its due to shyness or some other problem but it is a big issue for most of us.

I request others to treat fat people as human beings. Try to help them by knowing the actual problem in such a way that it should not hurt them. If you really want to help, you will find a way to solve their problems. It’s not always good to pass comments on their bodies and food habits.

Many south Indian actresses are fat and don’t fit in healthy parameters  but still they are alive and earning money like other Bollywood actresses. It’s good to live a life of your choice. When people pass silly comments due to sympathy, they pass negativity too which may affect fat person’s mind and increase their bp for lifetime. It will be a permanent damage and hardly helps to cure them. It’s better to avoid unpleasant situations in public gatherings.

It sounds funny when you are meeting someone after 20 years and expecting him or her to be the same. It’s good to greet others with smile and not with criticism. You may also not have noticed your flaws and the other person might not be telling you because of shyness or may be his manners doesn’t allow him to tease you for all your flaws.

In our opinion we are perfect but in other person’s opinion we may not seem to be perfect all the time. It’s better to save relations by not passing harsh comments on other person’s flaws. ‘Fat is unfit’ may be true but all fat people don’t die at early age and not all slim people live long and healthy life.

It’s not a conclusion but purely my views over a sensitive issue which was always untouched and undiscussed.

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