By the way: Hoping to get Freedom some day

By the way: Hoping to get Freedom some day

We don't talk about those ordinary females who are working in small companies or schools etc. We don't talk about house wives who work endlessly without getting tired. These women are never appreciated for their sacrifices.

By the way: Hoping to get Freedom some day

World is celebrating women empowerment everywhere. We always talk about Kalpana Chawla, Sunita Williams, Indira Gandhi and many Indian females who have done extraordinary work for our country.

We don’t talk about those ordinary females who are working in small companies or schools etc. We don’t talk about house wives who work endlessly without getting tired. These women are never appreciated for their sacrifices. Males have every right to comment on the dignity or characters of their co-workers or wives or even girl friends. Males have full right to destroy their characters with bad mouth publicity. Males can love or cheat any time but they can’t see a woman doing that.

A female has been targeted since ages. Draupadi was insulted in a palace which was called ‘Dharma Sabha’. She was surrounded by males who called her with bad names. Her only fault was that she accepted Kunti’s order to be the wife of her five sons. She had no other choice.

Do we have any choice in 21st century?

Many modern people won’t agree with this. They will give 100 reasons of women liberty and freedom. These so called educated males can’t see a woman laughing on road with her colleague. They can easily judge a woman from her clothes. They don’t have to know her before judging her character. Any man can comment on the body of any woman. It does not cost him a single penny.

Have you ever thought about the fact or reason behind this sick mentality?

Actually a male can not see a female to over power him. He has been taught to see a female as a sex object only. When a woman gives him competition, he feels offended. Males have everything to be discussed about but a female has only one thing, ‘character’ which everyone can make fun of.

Radhika works in a company. She is a single mother. Her colleague Ravi supports her in daily life and always ready to offer help without any condition. Radhika’s elder brother does not like Ravi. He stops Radhika to talk to Ravi. Radhika lives alone with her son and daughter. Radhika’s brother live in another city and can not come to help Radhika. Radhika’s co-workers comment on her relationship with Ravi. Radhika did not bother in the beginning but slowly she got to know about the rumours of her love affair with Ravi. Radhika’s brother insulted her in front of all family members in a function. Radhika tried to explain her pure relationship with Ravi but nobody believed her.

Radhika applied for another job and left the city. She does not know that she may have changed her job or city but she can never change the mentality. She has to face it till the end of her life. There might be another Ravi who will provide her help and in the end she will face the same consequences.

It’s really shameful for us that we can not provide females a secure and safe world even in 21st century. World is getting faster and women are getting ready to serve their countries in each and every field but our society is not ready to accept the change.

We are stuck up in judging the characters of females by her dressing sense or drinking habits.

We become God when we talk about other women. Suddenly we get third eye to destroy her character. We don’t need any surgical instruments to do so.

No movement of freedom can teach these males to talk good about females. Their tounges are real character certificates which they distribute quite often to females. Rape or teasing are their birth rights. When a female does not listen to their ego, they can talk ill behind her back. Single women are soft and easy targets. Males can’t digest their free and happy lives. In many remote areas females are being raped to give punishment to their families. Wealth and power are captured by few people who have always treated women as trophies.

This whole system has to be changed once and for all. Women are also human beings. They have to be treated equally. Compassion and humanity are not only words, these are equal to females. We can’t imagine our world without females but we are not ready to give them freedom. Commenting on their characters may satisfy your male ego but it is truly showing and revealing your own character. Raping a girl is not making you a man but it is making you a devil. It’s good to see these males behind bars but damaging a female’s character is still not a punishable act. There is no rule or regulation to stop this. True horror is to see these men everywhere.

We can’t even discard them from our families. Criminals may be put behind bars but what about those who do crimes on daily basis and can’t even caught.

I hope our society may get enlighten some day and females get justice. After all future depends upon hope and hope gives us energy to live with dignity.

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