By the way: Make your bonding stronger on this Karwachauth

By the way: Make your bonding stronger on this Karwachauth

The true meaning of Karwachauth is not keeping urself hungry without water or food, it shows the inner strength and love of a female for her husband.


By the way: Make your bonding stronger on this Karwachauth

Karan Johar has been given the full credit to spread love for Karwachauth, all over the world. Heavy sarees and make up give a special feel of this festival. I think 90 percent females of young generation have started keeping this fast after watching KJ’s superhit movies.

The true meaning of Karwachauth is not keeping urself hungry without water or food, it shows the inner strength and love of a female for her husband.

I got married in 1994 and kept this fast with full dedication for 13 years. I lost my husband in 2007 in a road accident. I never told anyone that I had kept fast for him after his death too. I believe that souls never die. After one year I started studying Buddhism and I had changed the old concepts in my environment.

It’s good to keep fast and wear designer clothes on this day but it’s more important to understand the meaning of true love and care for your husband. Festivals are not celebrated to buy new clothes and distribute expensive gifts.

Many females disrespect their husbands and show tantrums to do simple household work. I have seen that females just don’t want to cook and clean these days. It’s bn considered as low category job.

I am a working woman and I think cooking healthy food and making your home tidy are the most time consuming jobs. People are suffering from many diseases which were completely unknown to us before one decade. It’s good that we are progressing and males should contribute in home jobs.

But females are masters of cooking and household jobs without taking any master’s degree in management.

I don’t think any female want to see her husband and kids getting fat and unhealthy. On this great occasion of Karwachauth, females must change their old concepts.

Priya is a newly wedded girl who is eagerly waiting for her first Karwachauth this year. She has seen her mother scolding her father for not bringing enough money to fulfil all desires. Her mother does this fast every year and always nag on simple issues on this day. She behaves in such a way that keeping fast is like fighting a battle on war front. She does not want to understand that environment get disturbed with this childish and immature behaviour.

Priya got married to a banker. She has taken the pledge not to fight with her husband on this day. Off course she knows the value of money but mental peace is more important for her.

It’s pointless to compel your husband to buy an over budget designer dress for this occasion. Healthy environment and relations can give you mental peace which is the demand of today’s world. Expensive diamond necklace don’t give you pleasure if your husband is in stress to buy it. After all keeping patience and smile on your face works better for anyone rather than wearing artificial glamour.

Many males are suffering from domestic problems and need marriage counselors to improve their marriages. Karwachauth can not give guarantee of health and age but your positive attitude can double his age.

National council for women has been developed to help poor and helpless women who are real sufferers. It’s disgusting to see some females taking the advantage of being a female.

Why can’t you keep ego and pride aside on this festival? When you decide to harm others, firstly you loose your mental peace.

How much will you earn from a husband who need only love? It’s not that all men are heartless and all females do this.

Keeping faith in your heart and respect in eyes can make your Karwachauth the best one. Thinking about food and cursing your family only makes your day gloomy and bad. In Buddhism I’ve learnt that only the heart is important. Spirituality has taught me to learn the art of positivity and satisfaction.

Every festival has a scientific value in our culture, learn to enjoy the essence of all festivals. Make your soul beautiful and expand your vision to become a winner of hearts. No crown can match up to this quality in this world.

Avoid superstitions and going to astrologers in search of peaceful life. It’s in your hands to write the future of your family. After all one needs love and affection to live and not millions of pounds and dollars.

Your moon is right behind you, don’t look for the moon in the sky.

I hope you will enjoy this Karwachauth much more than ever before. Best wishes to all the lovely ladies and their husbands.

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