By the way: Social media Manners

By the way: Social media Manners

Social media has become part of our daily life from past 7 years. It's become a trend to join social media sites to maintain status. People won't give you attention if you don't use smart phones.


By the way: Social media Manners

Social media has become part of our daily life from past 7 years. It’s become a trend to join social media sites to maintain status. People won’t give you attention if you don’t use smart phones. 

I was sitting in a hotel and over heard a conversation between two females. They were talking about Facebook and whatsapp culture. They were telling each other to read jokes and messages on these sites daily. Rather than spending happy moments with each other , they were busy updating status on these sites.

I will not comment today on our modern culture in which we avoid to talk to our neighbours and friends. Instead of talking ,we prefer to update status to show our smartness.

Each and every person seems to be busy these days with social media friends.

I am not against making unknown friends but we should at least maintain privacy before accepting any stranger’s friend requests. I have seen many people who deliberately comment on each and every post without knowing the truth.

Mostly people operate only one account and their family members see or notice each comment given by friends. Whenever females update any post or picture, their male friends start commenting without even noticing the post or picture. Their main focus is to grab the attention of females by using hot, awesome, beautiful, sexy or any similar words for them. You can see same comments on any picture being posted on social media.

When any female accepts a male’s friend request, it doesn’t mean that she has accepted him as her boy friend. People often cross limits and keep on sending messages in inbox to talk to a female. When females don’t reply, male ego get hurts easily. They start abusing or mentally harassing females. It’s not possible to leave daily routine work and start chatting with each friend.

By the way: Social media Manners

I got hundreds of messages daily, being a working woman and a home maker, I don’t get enough time to chat. When I clearly told this to some social media friends, they call me arrogant, pathetic and some people told me to unfriend them. Some people who were on high posts, bluntly told me that I am not super rich and as successful as them so I don’t have any right to be busy in my life.

Friends, please understand the value of time which is really precious. Social media is definitely a good platform to be in touch with the whole world but we should see other persons problems and habits before assuming anything. We must learn Social media Manners before joining any site.

Each and every individual has his own life. It’s important to give value to other person’s privacy. We must not compel others to talk or exchange numbers without their wish. It’s easy to become a friend but it’s not easy to maintain relationships. After all we live in the real world where we have to fulfil many responsibilities. Make good and healthy relationships on social media. Use your skills to learn and teach simultaneously rather than killing time on social media. Make it more useful to update your general knowledge. Enjoy social media with manners and let others enjoy too.

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