By the way: You Call It Nagging!

By the way: You Call It Nagging!

Our environment is the mirror of our own thoughts and deeds. We can easily avoid bad situations by controlling our reactions.

By the way: You Call It Nagging!

World is full of different minds and characters. Mostly women nag with their husbands on any particular situation. I don’t know why only women do this but it can be irritating to watch them doing this all the time.

Pranshu is married to a simple boy, Ravish. His simplicity irritates Pranshu so much that she starts insulting him anywhere and almost everywhere. She can’t see him taking care of his parents. Ravish is careless and forgets his wet towel on bed. This irritates Pranshu to the extent that she not only shouts at Ravish but also starts counting his mistakes which he had done in past. Their married life has become hell. Both are not satisfied and want to quit.

I think its not good to nag on simple issues. Women are taught to be more patient and loving but in past few years women are losing their qualities. Some women nag only when they feel unappreciated. But some women develop this tendency to nag on any situation without thinking over the consequences.

I have seen many homes which are full of luxuries but peace and love are missing. Our environment is the mirror of our own thoughts and deeds. We can easily avoid bad situations by controlling our reactions.

Males are born and brought up in a different way in which sense of superiority develops in their nature. Females can easily mould them but it needs lot of time , energy and patience. Nagging can only lead to frustration and unnecessary fights.

Males call it nagging and females call it motivational speaking.

We can’t change any particular habit by shouting or nagging in my opinion. Its simple. Its not a target to be achieved in a particular time.

Relationships are like mirror , a simple scratch can destroy it forever.

Nagging and complaing can damage your relationship and you can never be able to regain the softness of heart.

Stop this habit at once and start developing healthy habits. Join any yoga or meditation classes to develop patience. Peace of mind is more important than any other thing. Cleaning of your house can be done by cleansers but cleansing of soul can not be done merely by over thinking. Turn your habit of nagging into a healthy motivational speech but that too, should be done carefully.

If something hurts you badly, it can hurt your loved ones too.

Speak less and work on your problems one by one. Focus on the solutions and not on the problems, results will definitely come.

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