Calling Love & Peace Back to the World of Unrest

Calling Love & Peace Back to the World of Unrest

Is it all just because of the amplified rate of terrorist group in the world or another era of colonization has begun?

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some inputs by Zaheer Abbas

Every day when I look at newspaper,  news & views on Suicide bombing, blast or terrorist attack in different parts of world are easily traceable. Ever since the world has globalized, we have become so habitual for these kind of news and take it for granted.

Did anyone ever question about  why such disturbance exist? Is it all just because of the amplified rate of terrorist group in the world or another era of colonization has begun?

Calling Love & Peace Back to the World of UnrestIn the name of religion and caste several terror groups are fighting for their own selfish desires either personal revenge or in grasping the territory.

Be it Al Qaida or the slain LTTE, similar is the story of our native grown naxalites.

However, the above quoted groups have divergent objectives to pursue but in a common way – kill innocent civilians to weak the government.

Osama’s terror attacks were largely considered as his own personal enmity with U.S and other western countries. To take his personal revenge osama targeted innocent civilians.

Be it a terrorist attacks or war against terror, civilians suffer by paying the cost through their life and wealth.

89,710 Iraqi civilians died due to U.S war on Iraq, the numbers of civilian causalities are crossing millions in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and other terror rotten places of world.

The latest uprising of people in Arab world which started from African country Tunisia and spread till Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, Lebanon and Iran. The rise of people against corrupt monarchy, poverty, corruption raised a war of people against governments.

This terror monster’s footsteps can be seen everywhere, a feeling of insecurity and misery is hovering the whole world.

This World- the sanctimonious creation of God is now being destroyed by the fire of vengeance. Everyone wants an eye for an eye.

The words like Humanity and Freedom is too far to consider when the feeling of being the most powerful is overweighed the former one. Alas! Those who gave their life for freedom and humanity are slowly disappearing in the shelves of dusty libraries.

Calling Love & Peace Back to the World of UnrestEven the Nature itself can’t bear the destruction being made by man. Call it a superstitious joke and forget it or think on my adolescent words which are without any scientific context or research.

Our influence is comprises till marching out with burning candles after every shocking bloody incident but did we ever try to stop whatever wrong is happening around us?

Isn’t God has created this place to live a peaceful life with love and brotherhood? So why are we so obsessed with greed? My questions are not something newly-asked. Though they are some of the most commonly asked questions by almost every peace loving people in this world but unfortunately there is still no answer which can satisfy and secure the future generation.

We don’t know what is the brain game of politics is, we don’t know what jehad, naxals and extremists are. We only know that life is precious and more precious is feeling of love and peace which is disappearing in the red blood like fog.

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