COVID19 - Is this Great Disaster actually a Great Corrector

COVID19 - Is this Great Disaster actually a Great Corrector

Home Health Family are more important when it comes to sustenance. Everything else can wait.
COVID19 - Is this Great Disaster actually a Great Corrector

More money has gone into weapons and war and very little into research and medicines

Aata, Daal, Chawal has become more important than Jewelry

By: Tabassum Jaipuri

Covid 19 is sweeping the world in its storm and being optimistic at this point of time is really difficult.

Could there be any positive side to all this madness?? Death tolls, risk to life, closed businesses, job losses, lockdowns, social isolation are some prominent issues going on in our mind.

But “Every Cloud comes with a Silver lining”. This novel virus has taken so much from us and in return it has given us lessons to be learned. It has given us a new way of looking at our lives. We have no other identity except being a Human. It is reminding us that we all are equal. We are global. The world is more connected than ever.

Coronavirus has not differentiated between countries or individuals or religion... all seems to be under one roof of vulnerability. It has reminded us that Our Earth is sick, needs to be healed. Corona is the boomerang that has returned after all that we have thrown into nature. Humans are locked in, but outside, the natural world is oblivious of what has happened and is proceeding in the usual manner and in addition, showing signs of benefitting from no human presence.

Clear sky, cool breeze, birds chirping, liberated wildlife... nature is replenishing. Similarly no wars, no politics, no accidents, no guns, no terrorism, no nuclear race, less crime we all are under the same bar.

The world has shuddered with just one virus. Loopholes of health care systems around the world is exposed; countries like US and UK are pleading. Countries must now realise that they were merely spending resources brains & technology in the arms race; sadly, countries possess the most deadly weapons but lack essential vaccines to combat such pandemic.. human nano technologies are still questionable.

It has taught us how materialistic we have become but what we need today is just essentials - food, water, medicines.  We are genuinely learning that accumulation and acquisition of resources, luxuries and materialistic things doesn’t equate to a better life.  It has most importantly taught us value of our family and home life.

It is forcing us back into our houses so that we can rebuild them into our homes and strengthen our valuable relationships. We are knitting our family bond. While we are under lockdown and practising social distancing we have learned that a lot can be done remotely. The biggest game changer is our newly learned skills in remote working... ”Work From Home” where possible. Business meetings to school sessions - everything is now online. We are now becoming video meeting ninjas.

This pandemic has given us many lessons... rich are weaker than the poor, developed nations are more vulnerable than underdeveloped, aata, dal, chawal is more important than jewelry. We can survive without fast food, we can survive without trips abroad, we can survive without working 24*7, we can survive without cars, planes & gadgets, we can survive without maids, but what we cant survive without is human race.

It is reminding us that it can either be an end or a new beginning.  It is a time of reflection and understanding. There will undoubtedly be many many adverse serious impacts from this pandemic and these aren’t be downplayed but lets be willing to let this virus teach us to be better humans. We are seeing it as a “Great Disaster”but optimistically it can be a “Great Corrector”.

Views expressed are the opinion of the author.

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