Let's Talk|Don't get Bullied by Body Shaming

Let's Talk|Don't get Bullied by Body Shaming 

People who are in the habit of body shaming others are probably not at peace with themselves.
body shaming

The other side of the story is that people are not happy with their own bodies and compare themselves with others.

Confront people who are in the habit of insulting especially over body shapes.

Is beauty only about appearance? Didn’t some sensible people say that beauty is skin deep? Were some people left out when real beauty was being discussed? Why do looks matter? Who framed the correct proportion regarding vital statistics and why? What is body-shaming and why does this happen? Do only women suffer from body-shaming? Why do women hurl insults at other women regarding body shapes?

There are many questions and the answer to these questions is probably only one and the answer is “they don’t have eyes that see and feel”. There have been many such incidences where people especially females have been targeted by females (mostly) regarding body shapes. Probably these women have the best of sculpted bodies which they have been craving to flaunt but did not get a correct platform to do so. Or probably they did and are too proud.

Body-shaming is also a crime. You insult people over the shapes of their bodies, the looks of their hands or legs, the disproportionate figure (as if yours came from a mould and if it did, then you are one for the wax museum). There is one point, though, do we hate our bodies? If not then why are we affected so much?

As we scroll over social media, our eyes fall on news regarding body-shaming and this has become a trend in the present times. Cut throat competition in the glamour industry can be considered as one major point behind the insults of many fat and thin and differently proportionate bodies. Why do we try to hide our imperfections?? In fact who says that a particular type is perfect and the other is not? Who is the one deciding about what is perfect regarding body shapes?

Beauty is basically skin deep and we forget this basic aspect very often. Blame it on those who live behind curtains of glamour where the light of sensibility does not reach. People also tend to compare themselves with others and get depressed very often blaming their stars (probably) for disproportionate bodies. They basically invite criticism and end up being victims of body-shamers.

People often get trolled for their physical appearances. There is no fixed rule for body proportions but certain statistics have been taken for granted which are used to insult others. One’s physique depends mainly on the genes, then on the eating habits, exercise and so on, but mainly because of genes some people cannot shed weight beyond a point… come what may.

If a woman is unable to shed her baby belly, she is trolled, or she criticizes herself. If a woman wears her favourite bikini and feels good about it…the jealous hearts or the dissatisfied-with-life kind of people start mocking at her. Some may go out of the way to remark that she looks vulgar, or that she needs to think twice before putting on the next piece.

Oh! Come on, people!!! Stop this habit of body shaming. This is too insulting for anyone facing it. Whether fat or fit, a person must have a good heart and if you think that the layers of fat or the skeleton look is bad for your eyes, then please go to sleep. Body shaming hurts the victim deeply, it scars the soul, too, as not everyone can have hour glass figure or the perfect shape. It is not even possible to maintain a particular measurement for long. Age, illness, genetics and a lot of other factors take their toll on everyone. Before you insult someone for their shapes, imagine yourself in their shoes. (On the pun side…you at least have legs to wear shoes and can analyse). Don’t push someone into the depths of depression and suicide by insulting their bodies.

And People, do love what you have and not be ashamed of it. Those who troll you cannot be pleased all the time and you did not come on this earth to please everyone. Make yourself happy first.

Not just women but men, too, face body-shaming though the count may be low. And Men, why do you have to comment on a female’s body? Don’t you have ladies in your own house? Once again, insulting someone for their bodies is close to committing crime as you do not know the effect it would have on the person.

People need to be confronted on the issues of body-shaming. You stay quiet and you invite more nonsense. Ask them about their own struggles and pains they underwent to shape their own “wealth” and tell them that you are still rich as you are happy with what you have and are at mental peace. Tell them that you are not the kind to eat less at the table where people have rich food. Tell them you enjoy life the way you are and the way it has been bestowed on you. Amen!!

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