EDUCATION - The Greatest Power

EDUCATION - The Greatest Power

Knowledge will reimburse you more than your expectations
EDUCATION - The Greatest Power
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A man rich with Knowledge is forever honoured and admired. It is that armor which will shelter you from oncoming difficulties.

"I am not a Pantomath but I am a lover of Knowledge."

I personally believe we’ll are Scientists of our laboratories (lives) performing new experiments and gaining new experiences. Abraham Maslow, a psychologist, defined basic necessities of life, composed of food, clothing and shelter but other than these if our existence really need something the most is ‘EDUCATION’.

Education always holds the uppermost importance in my life because it is the key element which consistently gives you the dividend to the end of the month.

If I ask you a question, who is the most powerful man on this planet? Someone will rejoinder, the man who has power, money, weapons or may be who is the king or waaris of any Sultanate. But these weapons, money does not make anyone powerful and if they do, then it is for a small span of time. Once it is second-hand, it becomes vanished. Yet ‘Knowledge’ can never be obsolete.

Knowledge is further stronger and impressive than weapons and money.

A ruler can only be worshipped or familiar into his kingdom though the great identities who spread goodwill of their intellegnce like Albert Einstein, William Shakespeare, Rabindranath Tagore are not only confined to their birth lands but also revered across the globe. They acted as a source of inspiration for the whole human race.

If we transform money into gold, we reside with the fear of gold being stolen but if we alter money into knowledge, it will neither deficit nor anyone can steal it.

This knowledge will reimburse you more than your expectations because I sincerely feel when you will chase knowledge, the progess will chase you.

Keep Learning. A man rich of knowledge is every time honoured and admired. It is that armor which will sheltered you from oncoming difficulties. So “Never Stop Learning Because Learning Never Stops.”

Blog contributed by Khushi Paliwal, a Law Student at the Mohan Lal Sukhadia University

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