Election Manifesto that must Win

Election Manifesto that must Win

There is this mandatory system of submitting these Manifesto's by the Political Parties before the Lok Sabha elections.

We have read these, heard about these, discussed these and debated on these. Well I I'm putting down my own craved and much needed Manifesto here; it is the very urge of this time.

Election Manifesto that must Win

There is this mandatory system of submitting these Manifesto’s by the Political Parties before the Lok Sabha elections.

We have read these, heard about these, discussed these and debated on these. Well I I’m putting down my own craved and much needed Manifesto here; it is the very urge of this time. I bet, if any Political Party or any Political Leader in our country could ever dare to put this into their Books ever.

Population Control

Only one child per family. They will say on this that, we won’t copy China, but then we humans in India are giving a complex to the Dogs and Cats and even Insects of our country, as far as our miserably huge head count is concerned. And it is increasing and it will keep on bursting from every corner of our country.

This population is no doubt, has become a reason for most of the emerging and alarming problems. Being it jobs, safety of women, corruption, price hikes, standard of living, education, accommodation, adulteration, health, peace and many a more such issues and their effects are equally proportional to population.

This increasing head count has increased the number of incidents which are somewhere extremely difficult to be controlled. More the head counts more is the need to earn for the stomachs of those head counts.

More will be the crave, lesser would be the chances to put a stop on many a serious issues. It’s easy to blame a specific Political System in the end but somewhere we are contributing to this. Ours is a democracy but we and they, the Political Intelligence is taking advantage of this very democracy.

That day is not so far when while every year the percentage of voters would increase, but the number of crime, health mishaps, cases of adulteration, rape victims, jobless youth, corrupt individuals, poverty, hunger and everything else too would increase and in the same proportion.

Most of the people are aware of this, the Politicians know it very well too, but they would never do anything for it, as we are Democratic!! Is it!! I mean please.

It’s ’cause they know that their vote banks would shrink and diminish if they ever dare to include this point in their Manifesto. They will never try to devise out some method to implement it, they would only blame and would get benefits of our head counts. In India we say that “Bacche Bhagwan ka Roop Hote Hai“, yes they are they would always be, but then are we, our society, our Government could ensure all the support, benefits and good life for every Child, whom we say is a Gift of God!! This must be a priority part of the Manifesto.

No Reservation

Our Political System is taking advantage of this for almost all these years, from the day we started celebrating our Independence.

Reservation in the beginning I guess had some thought process behind it. To bring a certain level of people to equality, by giving them certain rights, certain benefits, this was good. But then this continued till date.

Everyone wants a reservation here. No, not in train or for a movie, but for the religion and the caste they are born into. This Reservation system must be withdrawn, and no more such reservations should be given to any one on the basis of Caste, Religion or Gender.

Give all the facilities, benefits and support to those who really need it, irrespective of their caste, religion or gender. I mean that time is over now, there are certain strict laws too.

Today, a Brahmin, a Jain, a Muslim, a Sikh, a Christian, a Rajput or anybody could be equally helpless as an individual of Schedule Caste, Schedule Tribe or Other Backward Class. And yes a man could be equally in need just like a woman would be.

I mean men and women are equal, do not insult the very capabilities of Women by extending them a reservation. A Reservation in itself is like Racism. Give it to those who are really in need of it, and not reservation but support, benefits and facilities, in Education, in Health, in Prices, NOT AND NEVER IN JOBS and give them all needed support which is needed for them to raise themselves and that too irrespective of this Caste, Religion and Gender thing. Hello, anybody there, who could dare to do this and make this a part of their Manifesto!!!

Capital Punishment

Well at-least in the case of Rape and Murders there must be a Mandatory Capital Punishment. What else!! But at the same time, there should be a proper, unbiased and a core investigating body, so that innocent do not suffer due to false Evidences and false Witnesses.

Rape is an offense, which one does in all senses, with no influences. It could never be said that a girl was raped by mistake. Yes a murder has certain chances of mistake, as it could be a self defense, or it could be prompted in some situation.

But yes, a core and true investigation could result in punishing the Real Criminals.  For this too, certain Social Service agencies would come up, saying that it’s about human life and it is inhuman to do so and all XYZ. But is it not inhuman to Rape or Murder!!

In both these cases, not only the one who is a victim gets the pain, insult or death, but it’s the family of the victim too, that has to live for the entire life with this pain of the one they lost, or the pain of the one who is raped. This must be a part of the Manifesto as it will bring down these incidents to an astonishing level, as it will develop feeling of fear for life among those who get involved in such crimes. They will think before doing it. Not for everything we must get into this Human and Inhuman stuffs, it’s very much a Justice for Humanity.

Strict Punishment for Public Riots

Well I didn’t get a proper title for this, but the Public Riots prompted and provoked by Political or Religious People must be banned and punished strictly.

Like say, Mumbaikar stuff. Whats that!! It’s India guys, we can live or work anywhere. Beating like hell the auto-rickshaw men, taxi drivers on road saying that they are not Maharashtrians. Yes they are not but they are Indians.

Then this Hindu and Muslim Provocations by certain selfish and brainless people for their own set of Political and Religious Goals!! Talking loud about Indian Culture and then chasing girls even in Temples. Burning and destroying Public Transport.

There must be a strict punishment for people and groups like these who provoke and mislead anyone, or exhibit violent protests that turn into riots from nowhere. They must be punished so that they must know that they could not misuse the Law of our country and they cannot exploit the people for any of their selfish motives. This too must be a part of the Manifesto.

There are many a necessary Headings that are needed to be a part of the True Manifesto. I will include those too. This is our Country.

Do something for the Country together, not selfishly working for the motives of your Political Parties. No you do not want to contribute or do any absolute good for the country, but you want to contribute and do good for your Party, that’s it. We know that.

I know this half a Manifesto would make sense, but only to a few, as it is kind of true. I know and I bet no Politician of this country could dare to implement any of these in the next five years, though they all know these already.

By: Samir Samuel David

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