Engrossed Within

Engrossed Within

god helps those who help themselves


Engrossed Within

“God helps those who help themselves.”

This is a famous quote from last so many years. It is introduced in the junior classes for the kids to understand the value of self-help (to not to depend on others for their work).

But, now-a-days people have started taking it otherwise. They have taken its meaning to whole new level, which is not good enough. The meaning has just become a mere term today, which means selfishness. Today people are taking ‘selfishness’ into consideration for the term self-help. We are all heading in an absolutely wrong direction. People are turning into ‘Hypocrites’, their minds have ceased to think anything else other than their work now.

An example, which most of the people might have experienced. It might pinch you, but it will do so in the right nerve and which is necessary. It is that if somebody at your home is sick, you can cross miles to get them cured but people won’t pity on a person sitting on the road begging. Again, it’s not completely a fault form one solely; they might be that way because they must have been through few really brutal lessons of humanity.

What the main thing is that we must never lose faith I n anything. Faith is that strong feather which can even let the heaviest stone fly and it will just take a simple thing from you and that is patience.

Having faith in something and waiting patiently for it is the best way to deal with every emotion. It is purest form of a blessing everyone is blessed with, just that few only realize about this blessing & rest are about to realize.

It is rightly said that-

“Count your blessings like children count the stars”.

There may be a lot of blessings you are blessed with, just be calm and cherish each of your blessings with sincerity and modesty.

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