Ever Tried? Ever Failed?

Ever Tried? Ever Failed?

TRY, a very strong word which strikes us every day. We may from time to time vary our courage and ability levels and use this word “TRY”.


By Amit SharmaEver Tried? Ever Failed?TRY, a very strong word which strikes us every day. We may from time to time vary our courage and ability levels and use this word “TRY”.

Do you actually know your LIMITS?

Do you actually know that you have “TRIED YOUR BEST”?

Has anyone ever helped you to make you realize “YOU ARE MORE THAN WHAT YOU THINK”?

And last but not the least…

Has someone (including yourself) has put you down just because you “FAILED TRYING”?

“FAILING TO TRY” is much worst then “FAILING AFTER YOU HAVE TRIED”.  Trying anything new takes you to a new level where you discover more of yourself. It not only means that you are pushing your boundaries to reach out for more but it also gives a new perspective of life.

As a child I bet, you never stopped trying. You cried your lungs out to get your mothers attention for food and milk, you burnt your keens to learn walking and you always tried your best to score good grades in the school. Trying not only makes us to survive daily but if we look at the bigger picture it makes us the person who we are today.

Many people take Failure very seriously and the consequences can be devastating. Actually it’s very difficult to fight failure and one can take years to get out of it alive. The real courage comes if we can challenge ourselves to come out of it alive and conquer depression.

So, how do I find my daily dose of motivation? It’s really very simple but only if we master at looking at things differently. We will have to upgrade our perspective and look at the bigger picture and find the right kind of motivation.

Some tips that can help you to achieve “NEVER EVER GIVE UP ATTITUDE”:

  • Cultivating a child like curiosity level to learn and explore
  • Taking to elders or friends who have excelled in their respective fields
  • Travelling more often and exploring your surrounding
  • 15 minutes walk or a 30 minutes workout will boost your positive hormones
  • Feeding your brain with right kind of thoughts via books, blogs and TV
  • Cooking a meal or helping your loved ones in the kitchen
  • And Finally looking at the bigger picture of the Life

So go out there and try the things you always wanted to try. Be it a new Hair style or meeting someone you always desired or conquering your fears of exams. In the end just remember “THE WAY TO SUCCESS IS VIA A LOT OF TRIALS AND FAILURES”.

About the author – Amit Sharma – A Father, A Marketeer and a Curious Global Citizen. 

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